Zirconium Veneers in Turkey – FAQs

Zirconium veneers in Turkey can offer long term use if you take proper care with your veneers. Thus, they can be used for many years if applied and taken care of them correctly. Zirconium veneers in Turkey continue to maintain its brightness like the first day it was applied. These teeth are made with the support of a computer. Thus, both patient satisfaction and error reduction becomes almost zero.

It may be necessary to consult your clinic after a gingival recession at a later age. With its hard structure, it can used easily at every point in the mouth. A zirconium tooth, which was crafted by a highly skilled clinic, should not be distinguished from a natural tooth. Being metal does not mean that it is heavy or hard to use. These teeth are both light and hard. It also provides a lifetime service to patients in terms of long years of use.

Can Zirconium Crowns trigger allergies?

Another feature of zirconium is that it does not show any allergic reaction. By adapting to the structure of the mouth, it adapts to the palate, tongue and gum points. Its resistance to hot and cold. That is why patients prefer to have zirconium teeth. It also gives positive results on the taste changes in the foods you eat and on the drinks that are likely to leave stains such as cigarettes, tea and acidic drinks. In addition to these, you will be dealing with bad breath.

What are the prices of Zirconium Crowns?

Zirconium is a material that has a high durability and light transmittance. Having a color very similar to the natural structure of the tooth provides easy use. As a result of zirconium being a durable material, it minimizes the sensitivity of hot and cold. It can be considered as a problem-free coating material with its structure suitable for oral and dental structure. Zirconium veneer prices may be slightly higher than veneer options such as porcelain. Providing a specific total price of zirconium crowns as every patient has a different oral structure along with needs and wants. In order to get the best price available for your treatment, contact CK Health Turkey today.