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A general Guide for Gastric band in Turkey

A general Guide for Gastric band in Turkey

If you medically need it, you may be able to have gastric band in Turkey. CK Health Turkey does not advise you to have gastric band surgery at all. By medical professionals, this surgery was considered to be performed in the past and had positive results as well as negative results. Also, there can be better options for you to select from. This blog is here to provide introductory information on the surgery. As well as, why you should avoid having one. In addition, instead of getting a gastric band, what are your options for weight loss surgeries?

What is a Gastric Band?

It was a popular weight loss treatment in the past. It was a slimming method applied to patients who suffer from obesity and who have not seen results from dieting and exercising. Although in the minority, some of the patients have lost 50 percent of excess weight in a year with this method. Gastric band is considered suitable for patients who weigh at least 40 kilos more than their ideal weight. Contact a medical professional about this.

How is it performed?

With surgery, silicone tape inserted into the stomach. During this procedure, no part of the stomach or digestive system permanently removed. In this way, its volume restricted; the amount of food that the patient can take reduced and the feeling of hunger decreases. 

The gastric band to removed if the patient requests. Since it is a laparoscopic surgical method, the length of hospital stay is short and the risk of surgical complications is low.

Why should you avoid this surgery?

Due to the increasing obesity problems, it discussed a lot these days. This treatment, which causes the stomach to narrow and cause a feeling of fullness after eating a small amount, is becoming more and more common. Although not after every surgery, many health problems, including death, may be encountered.

As well as, it can cause ulcer and cancer. Thus, you can see that there are more disadvantaged than advantages. As you know, you have the right to get a treatment with successful weight loss results without dangerin your health.

What are your options for weight loss surgeries?

There are 3 main ones that represented below. However, you will be able to get the most accurate information once you have received your free consultation from CK Health Turkey. Because everyone has a unique metabolism. Thus, everyone has different suitabilities for different weight loss surgeries. These weight loss surgeries can be.

  • Sleeve Gastrectomy
  • Gastric Bypass
  • Gastric Balloon Treatment

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