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Gastric Band in Turkey – What to Know

Gastric Band in Turkey – What to Know

Gastric band in Turkey. In other words adjustable gastric band surgery. It is a surgical procedure performed by placing a band on the upper part of the stomach. That is 1-2 cm below the esophagus. A body mass index of 30+ is a must for gastric band surgery eligibility. However, the gastric band treatment lost its popularity among other weight loss surgeries as it brought more harm than advantages.

How is the gastric band placed on the stomach?

When the band is first attached, no inflation process is applied on the band. But when the fluid is introduced into the band by entering from the reservoir with the help of an injector. The bubble inside the band is inflated. Thus, more squeezing of the stomach is ensured, thus the patient is in a situation of eating less.

The surgical procedure is performed laparoscopically, it is completed within 45-90 minutes, and the patient is discharged home within 1-2 days.

It is not necessary to remove the stomach band and it can stay in the upper part of the stomach for as long as the doctor deems appropriate.

In gastric band surgeries, 2 different methods used frequently for the placement of the band. These are;

  • Perigastric Technique (PGT)
  • Pars Flaccida Technique (PFT).

Three separate scientific studies have confirmed that the pars flaccida technique (PFT) is safer. More so, the results in lower levels of band shift.

Conclusion on Gastric Band In Turkey

To summarize, gastric band surgery is a weight loss treatment. Which a gastric band utilized to restrict the level of food consumption in order to lose weight.

However, gastric band surgery is a type of weight loss treatment that is no longer a popular it brings more harm than benefit. Gastric band surgery causes ulcers and other types of health problems.

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