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5 Tips to Help You Maximize Weight Loss After Bariatric Surgery

5 Tips to Help You Maximize Weight Loss After Bariatric Surgery

Weight Loss After Bariatric Surgery

Obesity has become a serious concern in recent years, and more people are turning to weight loss surgery as a solution. Gastric sleeve and gastric bypass operations are two of the minimally invasive treatments for surgical weight loss. People who undergo these obesity surgeries desire to lose weight in order to be healthy and avoid future problems regarding their health. Undoubtedly, bariatric surgeries help patients a lot in the long term and provide them with a healthy lifestyle. However, one of the main concerns is that some people believe that most patients who were able to lose weight thanks to bariatric surgery would eventually gain back the weight they lost. Some also think that bariatric surgery would not achieve their desired weight even though there are some gastric sleeve patients who have had a successful weight loss journey with their surgery. If you want to be one of those people you had met their weight goal owing to bariatric surgery, here, you will find 5 important tips to maximize your weight loss after bariatric surgery.

1) Healthy Eating Habits

It should be kept in mind that weight loss surgery cannot help you on its own; you should be ready to make healthy lifestyle changes. Undoubtedly, one of the most significant changes would be in eating habits. It is necessary to change bad eating habits that cause weight gain. It would be best if you gave priority to high nutritious food and the ones with protein. Since your stomach is small after the surgery, you should not fill that space with unhealthy foods.

2) Stay Hydrated

During the weight-loss period, water becomes one of your best friends. You should always stay hydrated and drink as much water as you can. It is important to keep the muscle you have in order to lose fat from your body. If you have trouble drinking water, you can always use cinnamon stick, lemon, and orange. 

3) Exercise and Stay Active

It is significant to stay active after bariatric surgery. You should follow an exercise plan as much as you can. It is commonly suggested that daily exercising for approximately an hour would be efficient to burn calories for those who want to keep losing weight and lose more. Apart from the gym, you can walk or swim; however, it is crucial not to push yourself too much while doing so.

4) Lifestyle

At some stage after weight loss surgery, your lifestyle becomes more important than ever. It would not be wrong to say that losing weight is directly proportional to your lifestyle. You should get enough sleep and have a regular sleep cycle. It may become more difficult for your body to burn calories if you do not get enough sleep. It is commonly suggested that at least 8 hours of sleep is necessary. Additionally, stressful life can sometimes cause overeating or binge eating, so it would be better to avoid stress as much as you can.

5) Post-operative Appointments and Support

Some patients ignore post-operative appointments with their bariatric team or dietitian. However, such appointments actually help you keep your weight loss on track so you should regularly join your appointments. It will be beneficial for you to have a team that will guide you through and after the process of weight loss surgery. These appointments will also protect you from having any possible health issues after the surgery.

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