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Dental Laminas in Turkey

What is Lamina?

Laminas are very fine porcelains that is for the front teeth. Porcelains, whose physical structures made very thin. Thus, they are strengthened. Within a more conservative approach in dentistry, restorative extraction that requires less tissue that needs to be filed down.

Patients can have positive results from the treatment. That is why, it's in the commonly used restorative options. Observing highly sensitive techniques, very thin laminas fit very well with the tooth and surrounding tissues.

When are porcelain laminates preferred?

Especially in patients who do not satisfied with the color of their teeth. Porcelain or lamina preferred if teeth whitening cannot applicable.

Porcelain lamina preferred to correct the deteriorated color and structure of teeth due to fractures. The wear on the teeth is a factor that affects the facial expression of patients. This treatment gives excellent results, especially on the front teeth.

What are the advantages of laminas?

Less intervention on teeth is one of the best advantages of laminates. Due to this reason, it shortens the operation time. This leads to patients being more comfortable. Apart from this, it seen as more conservative treatment in dentistry due to the minimum intervention.

Another advantage is that it looks close to natural teeth due to its light transmittance.

Reflection at the edge of the gingival that occur in metal-supported porcelain bridges. Besides, since there are no separate sessions. Such as the metal rehearsal, polish, zirconium, infrastructure rehearsal.

The rehearsal of lamina porcelain completed in a polished form.

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