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Tooth Extraction in Turkey

What is tooth extraction?

Tooth extraction is the surgical removal of the tooth from its socket in the bone. Which is performed by a dentist or oral surgeon as an outpatient procedure performed relatively quickly. Tooth extraction can be performed with local, general, intravenous anesthesia, or a combination.

Simple tooth extraction is the technique for the extraction of the teeth that appear in the mouth while the patient is under the influence of local anesthesia.

Why may tooth extractions be needed?

Tooth extraction may be necessary for patients due to multiple reasons. The most common one is that teeth are damaged beyond repair due to trauma or decay. Besides, dentists may consider tooth extraction especially when patients require orthodontic treatment with a large number of teeth that do not fully fit in the jaw. Also:

  • An embedded tooth extraction operation is necessary for teeth that have not grown on the gum, or for 20-year-old teeth.
  • For instance, if tooth decay or damage has spread to the tooth pulp, the core of nerves, and blood vessels in the tooth. If not prevented bacteria in the mouth can enter from here and cause infection. Also if there is a severe tooth decay, it can be corrected with root canal treatment.
  • If the teeth are loosened due to periodontal disease tooth extraction is necessary. Periodontal disease is a gum disease, which is an infection of the tissues and bones surrounding and supporting the teeth.


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