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Breast Lift Surgery in Turkey

Breast lift: improve breast shape.

These are operations that are similar in principle to breast reduction surgeries. The main goal in breast lift surgeries to remove the excessive, sagging skin tissue in the breast. Either this excess skin or a very small amount of tissue is removed with special drawings. The drooping nipple and breast tissue are shaped to obtain a more upright and fuller breast.

Breast lift operations include changes in the shape of the breast, similar to the techniques and principles used in breast reduction surgeries, but without making a reduction in the mammary gland. According to statistics, with breast augmentation operations, it is one of the operations that patients are most satisfied with.

Breast lift surgeries are among the most popular aesthetic surgery procedures for the last years. The scars left are similar to those in breast reduction applications. Basically, the only difference is that the breast tissue is removed in one, and the breast is reduced, and in the other, only the sagging is removed. Compared to breast reduction surgery in general, lifting operations are slightly more comfortable and the recovery process is slightly faster.

People whose nipple is facing downward and whose sub-breast tissues are thinned are especially candidates for surgery. In the operation, the fullness of the upper part of the breast is aimed by folding the breast tissue and lifting the nipple up. For this reason, it is also known as wardrobe changing surgery.

For those whose breast tissue is insufficient and who want a slightly larger appearance, a small prosthesis can be placed under the muscle in the same session or a few months later. If it is desired to place a breast prosthesis in the same session, care should be taken that the prosthesis should not be too bulky. Otherwise, wounds can be seen, especially due to the pressure of the prosthesis on the suture lines.

The duration of the operation is 1 to 1.5 hours unless otherwise. Sutures placed under the skin take most of the operation time. Unless there is an unexpected situation, 1 night hospital stay is sufficient and people can return to their jobs within 3 to 4 days approximately.

What needs to be considered before the procedure?

First of all, breast examination is performed by the plastic surgeon. In risky situations related to metabolism or in women over the age of 40, breast ultrasonography and mammography are evaluated and the operation is decided. During this process, make to to provide complete and accurate information about your medical history. This will help surgeons to map a plan for your surgery and take precautions as they are needed.

What needs to be considered after the procedure?

Immediately after the operation, ice compress treatment is started and a sports bra is worn. Except thin bands there are not any other dressing is used on the stitches. After 24 to 48 hours, drains placed in the surgery are removed. Stitches are removed after 15 days. The special bra used helps to reduce the patient’s perception of pain and makes her feel more confident. In this way, edematous breasts take shape over time. Approximately, it will take between 8 to 10 weeks for the breast to take its final contour.

The post-operative night is spent in the hospital to follow-up and if there is no issue observed, you will be discharged the next morning. It is necessary to avoid heavy exercise in the early postoperative period, but there is no need for a heavy bed rest. As a lying position, you should lie on you back for 4 weeks after surgery while sleeping and avoid lying prone in the early post-op period. In general, the dressings made during the surgery are not changed until the first control. If there is no obstacle after the wound areas are checked, the patient is allowed to take a shower. The special bra applied after the operation should be used for 6-8 weeks. Anything heavy should not be lifted or pushed for 3-4 weeks. Avoid heavy sports for at least a month and intercourse for at least a week.

Keep in mind, preservation of the milk-giving function depends on the technique chosen and the sagging of the breast. However, it is generally expected that breastfeeding function is preserved after breast lift surgery.

What are the risks involved with breast lift surgeries?

As with any surgery in this scale, breast lift has certain risks involved. Even if precautions are taken against all of these, unforeseen situations may happen, but the necessary interventions to overcome all of them will be performed by the surgical team instantly.

The most common risk in the first 24 hours is bleeding. This situation may occur in approximately 1-2 of every 100 patients. The amount of this bleeding is monitored and if it is predicted that it will not regress during the follow-up, discharge is performed with a short operation performed at the same night. This situation does not affect the final aesthetic condition, but means to have the operation under additional anesthesia.

The most common complications in the early weeks are healing problems and wound infections, stitches that may be related to this issue. This situation is more common where the vertical track joins the horizontal track and the tension as its highest.

Since conditions such as diabetes, smoking and soft tissue diseases increase the risk of this complication, your diabetes and soft tissue disease should be under control before the operation and your smoking should be stopped if possible. This risk is around 2-4 per 100 people. While such situations are almost always recovered with dressings, it may be necessary to suture with a local procedure in very rare conditions.

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