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Prominent Ears Surgery (Otoplasty) in Turkey

What is Correction of Prominent Ears (Otoplasty) Surgery?

The problem of prominent earphones, which disturbed people for a lifetime in the past, has become a problem that can be easily solved with simple methods today. Prominent ears, which have become a nightmare especially for school-age children, must be treated at the right time and using the right techniques. Prominent ear surgery, which is a simple aesthetic surgery operation that does not carry serious risks, is an operation that should be performed under hospital conditions by a plastic surgeon who is an expert in the field. Considering the age of the patient, it is performed by applying local or general anesthesia in line with the surgeon’s recommendation. Although it varies according to the level of the problem in the ear, the surgery, which is usually completed in 45-90 minutes, does not require a hospital stay. Depending on the ear structure, surgeon’s technique and preference, an operation can be performed in front of or behind the ear. By applying an aesthetic operation aimed at the root cause of the problem, the ear cartilages are shaped properly and the ear is repositioned backwards. At the end of the operation, special tapes are attached to the ear for 1-2 weeks and then removed. The incisions applied during the surgery generally remain behind the ear and there is no scar that may cause aesthetic problems. The surgery does not affect hearing during the recovery period or after recovery, and the person can easily continue his normal life. The healing process in prominent ear surgery, which is performed quite simply and quickly, takes a maximum of 1-2 weeks. At the end of this process, the prominent ear appearance completely disappears and the person has ears that look natural and as they should be.

What needs to be considered before the procedure?

As in all operations, it is recommended to stop smoking and alcohol consumption at least one week before the otoplasty operation. This is very important for the healing process to go faster. In addition, blood thinners should not be used before the operation. Apart from these, the doctor who will perform the operation should be informed about the drugs that are used regularly.

What needs to be considered after the procedure?

One of the most curious issues for people who want to have prominent ear surgery is the healing process. Especially for those who do not want to know that they have had this surgery and want to continue their normal life during this period, this surgery will not pose any problem. The patient is discharged on the same day after the short-term operation in the prominent ear surgery, which is performed quite simply and quickly, especially if general anesthesia is not applied. The incisions to be made during the operation usually do not require stitches and the healing process takes a maximum of 1-2 weeks. After 1-2 days after the operation, patients can take a shower and easily return to their routine life after a week at the latest. In this process, protecting the ears from external effects increases the success rate of the operation. At the end of the process, the prominent ear appearance is completely eliminated, and the person has ears that look natural and as they should be. At the end of the process, a great relief and happiness is seen in people whose ear appearance has the desired shape.

What are the risks involved with Correction of Prominent Ears (Otoplasty) Surgery?

Otoplasty surgery technique is performed under general anesthesia. Average operation time varies between 1-2 hours. Some suture techniques are used when it comes to incisions which are located behind the ears. According to the condition of the case, cartilage excision is made if necessary and a natural aesthetic ear is tried to be obtained.

After the operation, the incision behind the ear is closed with a suture. Since the incision marks will be located at the back of the ear, they will not be easily noticeable.

If the dressings are worked sterile during and after the operation, no signs of infection are encountered. When the stitches used for the patient are suitable and of good quality, there is no opening and deformation in the ear. Hematoma (blood accumulation) is not observed when good bleeding control and postoperative good dressing and follow-up are performed.

The control of the dressings will take total of 10 days after the operation. After removing the stitches, the patient can return to his daily life. It is highly recommended to only sleep with an elastic head bandage at night at the first stage.

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