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Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey

What is a BBL Turkey Surgery (Brazilian Butt Lift)?

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) can include many procedures within. Patients can make choices among these procedures. Such as hip implants, fat transfer to the hip, excisional procedures and liposuction. Fat transfer and alloplastic implants are applied when deformities caused by hip injuries are present.

There can be no specific reason to have a brazilian butt lift procedure. However, among the reasons for requesting a BLL, gait disorders, sagging after weight loss, and amorphous weight gain can be some of these reasons.

In general, hip aesthetics can be divided into three categories as follow:

  • Hip augmentation;
  • Butt lift;
  • Butt reduction;

Who can benefit from BBL Surgery?

If you found suitable for your BBL surgery Turkey by CK Health Turkey medical health professionals, you can proceed with further details on the same. Below, you can find the most popular reasons why patients decide to have a BBL. These are:

  • Patients who have flattened, ejaculated or fallen butt after excessive weight gain and loss after obesity surgery;
  • Unclear view of waist-butt transition;
  • Genetic description, if the angle of the buttocks with the waist is too wide;
  • Nowadays, men with low and flat hips also want butt plastic surgery for more shaped hips.

What should you consider before BBL Surgery?

Share information about your medication use, if any, with our healthcare professionals. Because, depending on the drug used, some may need to be used until the day of the operation and some may need to be discontinued. Therefore, it is very important that these are known and managed by our healthcare professionals.

If you are an active smoker, you should stop smoking 2 weeks before the operation. This is because smoking increases the complications of anesthesia during surgery.

Alcohol should not be consumed within 48 hours before the operation. Alcohol intake can cause liver dysfunction. It increases anesthesia complications during surgery. Moreover, it does increase the time for your recovery time.

For male patients, shaving should be done 1 week before the operation. Because the slightest irritation during shaving can cause an infection and may turn into an open wound during the operation.

Blood thinners and herbal teas should be stopped 1 week before the operation.

Patients must fast for 12 hours before surgery. Hunger prevents vomiting that may occur during anesthesia. Therefore, this application is intended to protect the lung and is of vital importance.

In case you cannot take a bath for a few days after the operation, take a bath before coming to the hospital on the day of the operation. This will also reduce the risk of postoperative infection.

No make-up and nail polish should be worn during and after the operation in order to be able to analyze the skin color correctly.

When coming to the operation, they should bring comfortable pajamas to the hospital.

Menstrual period does not constitute an obstacle for a surgery. However, women are more sensitive during this period. Thus, it is more appropriate to perform the operation after menstruation.

In the preoperative period, patient should be careful about their food and beverage intake. It is important to eat a diet rich in proteins and vitamins before surgery.

How BBL Surgery performed?                         

In general, there are two ways when it comes to a BBL. These are:

Butt enlargement with silicone prosthesis

While placing a silicone prosthesis (implant), the butt is made fuller and it is raised. It can be compared with breast implants. However, silicone prostheses in butt enlargement have a more intense and special design.

These prostheses placed under the muscle are not felt while sitting or lying. It is usually a 1.5 hour operation. It is performed under general anesthesia. In general patients can take a hospital discharge on the same day. Also, can return to work 3 – 4 days after the operation. In this operation, the scar is hidden in the butt fold.

Butt aesthetics with fat injection

First of all, removal of excess fat in the abdomen waist and hips by liposuction. Then, the removed fat placed on the upper part of the buttocks again by concentrating it through special procedures. With this method, the butt gains more upright appearance in a natural shape. A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses fat from your parts of the body to enhance the size and improve the shape of your buttocks.

This method can applied if patient have a moderate enlargement request. Keep in mind that skin quality and cellulite structure also affect method of the BBL. Some of the fat injected into the buttocks will dissolve, but 60% of the fat remains in the butt in a one-year period.

It is possible to intervene in every part of the buttocks in a BBL with fat injection. At the same time, it allows the waist region to have appropriate shape. Where the area liposuction applied. Fat injection can also used as a supportive procedure for improved results in patients who have had a BBL with silicone prosthesis.

Since it is an operation performed with very small millimetric incisions, there will be almost invisible scars after the operation. BBL cost is an important consideration among most patients coming cosmetic surgery procedure.

A brazilian butt lift surgery applied with this method, operation that takes 1.5 hours under local or general anesthesia.

You can get a hospital discharge on the same day of your operation. Also, you can return to your work life approximately between 4 -5 days.

What should you consider after BBL Surgery?

It does not require the patient to stay in the hospital after the operation. After the operation, a special corset used for 3-6 weeks. Recovery completed approximately between in 2-10 days. This is depending on the method used during the operation.

  • In general, patients can start heavy sports after 30 – 45 days;
  • It is necessary to sit and stand up carefully after the butt prosthesis placed;
  • After the operations on the buttocks, you should lie face down for about 3 weeks (Be careful when eating, watching TV);
  • Patients should use their prescribed medication by health professionals;
  • We recommend for you to use a specially designed butt pad during the day while traveling and driving;
  • We recommend for you to not to smoke for 4 weeks (because it increases the rate of fat dissolve after your fat injection);
  • A medium pressure corset worn for 4-6 weeks;
  • Edema-removing massages recommended 1 week after the operation;

It takes 2.5-3 months for the appearance to take the clear shape after the operation.

What are the risks associated with BBL Surgery?

BBL can also have some risks and complications as with any surgical intervention. After the fat injection, some of the fat dissolve over time. After fat injection made with the appropriate technique, the absorption rate is on average 30-40%.

Because the fat injected is the patient’s own tissue, 60-70% of them can survive and fullness can be achieved. The main risks that can be seen after a BBL with silicone prosthesis are:

  • Delayed healing process;
  • Infection
  • Fluid accumulation;
  • Capsule formation;
  • Temporary pain similar to sciatica pain.

In addition, in rare cases the prosthesis may come out of the skin over time. The probability of these risks occurring is around 1-3%. Correct analysis and application of the safest treatment required are very important in obtaining the desired result in hip aesthetic attempts.

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