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What can you expect from a Blepharoplasty operation?

What can you expect from a Blepharoplasty operation?

Blepharoplasty operation

Blepharoplasty (eyelid aesthetics) is a very useful procedure in terms of eye health as well as satisfying the person aesthetically. With eyelid surgery, fat, muscle and skin tissues in excess of the eyelids are removed. Thus, sagging that narrows the person’s viewpoint is eliminated and the quality of vision of the person is improved.

Human skin has an elastic structure, but its elasticity gradually decreases with age. As a result of the loss of elasticity in the facial skin, excess skin may occur on the eyelids. These symptoms cause the person to look tired, dull and aged. Some changes in the lower and upper eyelids with age:

• Bagging and discoloration under the eyes

• Drooping upper eyelid

• Wrinkles and sagging of the eyelid skin

• Crow’s feet line around the eyes

• Tİred facial expression

In people who want to have eyelid surgery due to aesthetic concerns or functional reasons, blepharoplasty surgery can be performed only on the upper eyelid or lower eyelid, or both can be performed depending on the need.

Will There Be Scars After Eyelid Surgery?

People who have eyelid aesthetics usually do not show any permanent scars after the procedure. In the first period after the operation, visible fine lines may appear in the folds at the top of the eyelid, the lower eyelid and the lower part of the eyelashes. But these traces begin to disappear as the body renews itself. Although it varies according to the type of procedure, when viewed from the outside about 1 year after the operation, no disturbing traces are found in the person.

After the operation, blepharoplasty recovery time, in order to minimize swelling that may occur after eyelid aesthetic surgery, special creams recommended by the doctor are applied to the eye area and cold is applied to the area. The stitches placed after the surgery remain in place for approximately 4-5 days. Showering is not recommended on the first day after the surgery, but showering can be taken on the second day. However, if the oil filling is done at the same time as the eyelid surgery, the period of not taking a shower may be extended to 7 days. However, since these times will vary from person to person, the best thing to do would be to get detailed information from your doctor.

What are the risks of the surgery?

If the operation is preferred with general anesthesia, risks related to anesthesia can be seen.

Can eyelid surgery be performed together with a different facial aesthetic surgery?

Eyelid surgeries can be combined with many facial aesthetics such as rhinoplasty, mid-face lift and lip lift, and more aesthetic results can be obtained. Blepharoplasty operations will not intervene with any combined operation.

How many hours does the surgery take?

Blepharoplasty procedure takes between half an hour to sixty minutes if upper blepharoplasty is to be performed, while it takes between forty and sixty minutes if both eyelids are to be made.

Can people tell I had an operation?

It can be understood that the operation was performed due to edema and bruises in the first 2 weeks of the postoperative period. However, when the blepharoplasty recovery time period is complete, it will not be visible that the patient had surgery since the patient returns completely to their own eye shape and had a natural appearance. Positive feedback is received only because a much younger look and fresher looks will be obtained when viewed from the outside.

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