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Breast Augmentation in Turkey

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation surgery; It is an operation performed under general anesthesia under operating room conditions. It is an operation that normally takes 1-1.5 hours. It can be performed alone or in conjunction with breast lift (mastopexy) surgery in people with low nipple.

Breast augmentation surgery, as the name suggests, is performed for two reasons; to add volume to small breasts and to give shape to uneven breasts. This goal can be achieved in two ways; breast augmentation with the use of one’s own fat or silicone prosthesis.

Breast enlargement can change the size and shape of your breasts. Surgery can change your body’s image and increase your self-confidence. Weight gain or loss after surgery can also change the appearance of your breasts. If you are not satisfied with the appearance of your breasts, further surgery may be required to correct these problems. Having this surgery does not propel the patient to breast cancer. However, if the patient has breast cancer, breast augmentation may be performed after the surgery.

It is very important that you have open communication with your surgeon in order to have the right expectations about the breast augmentation process and the appearance you will encounter afterwards. In breast augmentation surgeries, as well as using the fat tissue in the body itself, implants containing silicone or saltwater can be used.

Since it has been determined that the prostheses do not prevent breast milk, women with prostheses can also have a normal pregnancy and breastfeeding period. Keep in mind that due to pregnancy silicone prostheses do not need removing. The presence of silicone prosthesis in the breast does not pose a problem for mammography.

How is breast augmentation surgery performed with ‘’Silicone Prosthesis’’?

There are some parameters that make a difference during breast augmentation with silicone prosthesis.

How the prosthesis is placed (from the nipple, under the breast, under the armpit, through the navel)

How deep the prosthesis is placed (under the mammary gland tissue, under the breast muscle tissue)

Shape of the prosthesis (round / hemispherical prosthesis, anatomical / drop shaped)

Surface structure of the prosthesis

These variables we wrote above are explained in detail below. There is no breast surgery technique that will meet everyone’s needs without exception. These variables above are evaluated according to the needs and wishes of the patient.

Who can have breast augmentation?

Breast aesthetics are applied to people who are not satisfied with their breast size, people who have fillers and loss of form in their breasts, people with symmetry problems in their breasts, people with self-confidence problems due to the size of their breasts, and those who lose one or both of their breasts due to various diseases such as cancer.

Plastic surgeries that relate with breasts are not recommended for people who are in their breastfeeding period. Even if breast implants are not harmful to the health of the baby, it is recommended to be performed after the process is over in order not to affect the breastfeeding period and to make the surgery healthier.

People who want to have breast aesthetics are recommended to wait until the body development period is completed and make their decisions without hurrying. Besides, people who are considering cut down on their weight are advised to have their plastic surgery for their breasts in a further time.

Breast measurements of people who will have breast augmentation surgery are smaller than the body. Small breasts may be congenital or due to loss of volume after pregnancy. In addition, in case of asymmetry between the two breasts, breast augmentation surgery is applied. With breast augmentation surgery, the two breast tissues are made more similar to each other.

Breast augmentation surgeries should be applied to those older than 18 years of age, provided that there is no medical requirement. It is not appropriate to perform breast augmentation surgery because the age of development still continues under the age of 18.

It is also not the right time for surgery for candidates who plan to become a mother in a short time after surgery. It is recommended to postpone the breast augmentation operation until after pregnancy for women who are planning pregnancy in the near term, who continue breastfeeding and who lose weight frequently.

What needs to be considered before the procedure?

If you smoke, it is recommended that you quit before surgery. Apart from this, you should inform your physician of all medications you use during your interview. If these medications include medicines such as blood thinners or painkillers, your doctor may ask you to stop them before surgery. It is important not to eat or drink anything after 12 o’clock at night before the surgery, in order to prevent complications that may occur during general anesthesia.

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What needs to be considered after the procedure?

It is usually comfortable after the operation. Pain is minimal. If the prosthesis is placed behind the breast muscle, there may be limitation in arm movements for a few days. After the operation, a bra or bandage is applied to the breast. 10-12 if there are stitches that do not melt. day can be received. There is no need to take stitches in melting stitches. There may be swelling in the early period, numbness in the nipple and purplish discoloration on the skin. These disappear spontaneously in a short time. Approximately after 3 to 4 days operation, the patient can return to work safely. After 3 weeks, the prosthesis will settle and the breast will function normally. The patient is recommended to stay away from heavy sports (requiring jumping-running) for 2 months. Breast augmentation with a prosthesis is an operation that generally gives good and permanent results, improves the mental health and psychosocial structure of the person and makes them more dependent on life.

Today, the most common use of silicone gel filled, textured round prostheses are used.Depending on the patient the choice of prosthesis selection and the way of its placement can vary.

What are the risks involved with breast augmentation surgeries?

Every surgery has specific complications and risks. Since augmentation plasty is also a surgical procedure, it has some risks as listed below:

Capsular Contracture:

  • It means scar tissue interfering with breast implant shape.
  • Breast pain
  • Infection
  • Changes in nipple and breast sensation
  • Implant leakage or rupture
  • It may require further surgery to correct these complications, to remove or replace implants.

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