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 Teeth Whitening in Turkey

What is teeth whitening in dental treatments?

In accordance with the previous tone by removing the stains that penetrate the structure of the teeth (enamel and dentin layer). These stains can exist due to various reasons. The natural color of the teeth darken over time. The discolorations on the teeth can be removed by cleaning and polishing the tartar. However, it is possible to remove the discolorations in this way or to lighten the tooth’s own color a few more tones. The teeth whitening method, which is a more protective method, is applied and at the end of this process, the teeth can be opened up to eight to ten tons depending on the condition.

How long does whitening keep its effect?

After bleaching, the color of the teeth does not return to its original color, but some discoloration occurs between 6 months and up to two years. This coloration differs according to nutritional habits. 6 months after bleaching, a checkup is recommended and if necessary, tartar cleaning, polishing, and once home whitening can be applied.


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