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All inclusive Dental Treatments in Turkey

All inclusive Dental Treatments in Turkey

Dental treatments in the Republic of Turkey attracts foreign patients around the globe and is contributing a considerable amount of revenue to health tourism. The latest figures from the health tourism industry are expected to surpass 2020’s numbers, according to highly experienced health professionals.

Chairperson of the Dental Supplies Industry and Businessmen’s Association states that the number of foreign patients who chose Turkey only for dental treatments reached 100,000 in 2020. This number is set to gradually increase once a post covid-19 pandemic starts.

The general expectation of highly experienced healthcare professionals is to achieve a 15% increase in health tourism that is contributed only from dental treatments. Thus, the expected volume of foreign patients to Turkey will be higher than 2019 in 2021.

The Republic of Turkey has a series of advantages for getting your medical treatment. Turkey is a tourism country and at the same time offers highly advanced technologies, highly experienced and skilled dentists and price advantages in treatments and further. These are the main reasons why Turkey is such a popular destination for dental treatments and for more.

In addition, dental fillings, teeth whitening, implants, orthodontics, crowns, smile designs are the leading type of operation that attract the patients around the world.

Keep in mind that Turkey ranks among the top 10 countries around the world in health tourism by Forbes.

Dental implants are artificial roots for the tooth made from titanium cylinders. That is surgically placed into the jawbone. When there is a case of a missing tooth below the gums. When your healthcare professional implants the implant into your mouth, bonding with the natural bone structure will allow strong grip of the implant. The main purpose of a dental implant is to achieve a healthy, natural look of the teeth.

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