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Root Canal Treatment in Turkey

What is root canal treatment?

The part we call pulp is the space in the middle of the tooth. Which is located under the enamel and dentin layer. The portion of this space at the crown of the tooth called the pulp chamber. This gap, which continues along the root of the tooth, becomes a small channel by narrowing.

Molars are located in the posterior part of the mouth and usually have two or three roots. Other teeth have a root too. In teeth with more than one root, each root has its channel; each root canal ends with a small hole at the root end. The pulp chamber and root canals contain living tissues called the pulp. Where vessels and nerves are extending into the jawbone that divides into branches. These veins and nerves nourish the pulp through the bloodstream and protect it against infection.

Nerves are just a part of the living tissues that make up the pulp. Bacteria are the cause of the infection in the pulp. The bacteria move towards the pulp through tooth decay or fracture, the bacterial invasion first begins in the pulp chamber and washes the defenses. It then proceeds along the root canal and completely damages the pulp. Root canal treatment exists to save the decayed or infected tooth.


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