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Dental Crowns in Turkey

What are dental crowns

In dental treatments, a dental crown is expressed as the part of the tooth visible from the outside. It is a treatment method to achieve the lost visual and functional qualities on the surface of the mouth. Which is the first part that comes into contact with food. Crown coating is applied as a tooth coating method in dentistry. It has a very durable structure. Since it is resistant to high rates of bite pressures, it compares with the results closest to the original teeth. It is in terms of functional properties.

How are dental crowns implemented?

Problems such as breaking and deformation of the protective enamel layer on the tooth due affects chewing. Thus, a decrease in the chewing function can be reasons for the implementation of the crown. In such cases, the artificial structures created in certain molds depend on the measurements taken by the dental technicians. They are applied to the problematic area. As in every dental treatments, it is only after adjusting the chewing and speaking functions to match with the patient’s preference.  

The tooth is incised in order to attach the crown to the relevant part of the tooth. Making the incision is to ensure that the teeth coated with the natural teeth are the same. Also, to protect the naturalness in terms of appearance of teeth.


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