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Chin Surgery Prices in Turkey

What is Chin Augmentation?

Mentoplasty (Chin Augmentation) is a medical plastic procedure to give an alternate shape to jawline. An implant or reducing chin bone methods used during chin augmentation surgeries. Suitable patients can have this surgery without implants too. Plastic medical procedure, can regularly be performed on the lower jawline region. It is to improve extents of the face. Thus, it can result with higher levels of confidence and overlook of the patient.

Genioplasty or a Mentoplasty is the surgical approach to push the bone ahead from the jaw itself. On the other hand, molded silicone implants can used during the surgery. This will lead for patients to have more projected jaw.

Then again, bone can be removed to diminish an excessively projected jawline. Moreover, surgical changes towards to the upper or lower jaw can be exhorted. This application will help for improved biting elements and impediment—or how the teeth fit together.

These tasks can go from easy to exceptionally mind boggling. Of course, this depends on the healthcare professional’s experience and skill. As well as, high quality materials to be used during the operation in a highly sanitized environment. In addition, the skin quality of the patient also affect the method of this procedure.

What needs to be considered before the procedure?

  • Any disease that has been diagnosed such as blood pressure, diabetes, heart, infectious disease, etc.. A medication you are using, any allergy history, bleeding problem or fainting, allergy development, etc.. If there is a minor or major health issue present with you, please inform your medical healthcare professional before surgery.
  • Keep your medications you use on a regular basis, along with all examinations and x-rays with you during your treatment.
  • Do not stop taking your regular medications without consulting to you health professional. In addition, stop taking blood thinners. If not, the use of it can lead to life-threatening risks.
  • As a result of this process which is called consultation your surgeon receives detailed information from about the current condition of your jaw. That way the surgeon can pin point the precautions that will take place before and after your surgery.
  • Unless otherwise stated, surgeries performed with local anesthesia should be performed on you with a full stomach.
  • In regards to ensure the hygiene of the operation area, you should definitely brush your teeth, shave on the day of the surgery and do not put a make up on. Ask us for more details.

What needs to be considered after procedure?

  • Most of the operations performed under local anesthesia in maxillofacial surgery. Chin augmentation surgery primary goal is to provide a trouble free healing. This can achieved by patient’s self care. That is why, patients postoperative wound care should align with surgeon’s recommendations.
  • Sterile tampon to be placed after the operation is 30 minutes and should be bitten firmly throughout.
  • Even after removing your first tampon, it is usually normal for the bleeding to continue as a slight leak. You would not need to add a new tampon. However, spitting blood that accumulates in the mouth causes further bleeding. In addition, sucking the wound also causes the bleeding too. It should be drained from the rim without accumulating blood in patient’s mouth.
  • Tooth brushing and mouthwash can be resumed 1 day after surgery.
  • Food intake should be stopped for 1 week after the surgery. Afterwards, patient should have a well balanced diet plan. Patients should avoid foods that are too hot, cold, acidic, spicy. In addition, patient should avoid consuming snacks and foods that contains grain.
  • Smoking should be avoided at least for a 1 week after surgery. Smoking can cause an infection called “alveolitis” in the tooth extraction area. Which can cause quite high amount of pain and prolonged recovery period.
  • If you are feeling comfortable in the first days after the surgery, but you begin to feel pain later, this may be an indication of an infection and is it usually caused by smoking. Your health professional will help you to relieve from your pain. It will be through by dressing the wound area and regulating your medication.
  • Medications prescribed by your health professional before and after surgery should be used as instructed.
  • If you encounter an unexpected situation, inform your health professional instantly in case of emergency.
  • The situation when is requiring the patient to stay in intensive care is rare. Nutrition intake starts with fruit juices on the same day of your surgery.
  • In general, patients take approximately between 2 to 4 days for hospital discharge. The upper and lower jaw teeth are fixed to each other with rubbers and the mouth is closed for 1-3 weeks. This makes bone healing safer and decreases the time required for healing.

What are the risks involved with chin surgeries?

As with any other type of surgeries there are some of the risks involved that relates to chin augmentation surgery. These are:

  • Blood loss;
  • Infection;
  • Nerve damage;
  • Fracture of the jaw;
  • Biting and jaw joint pain;
  • The need for a new surgery;

In addition to the list above, facial swelling, nausea, vomiting, and small blood leaks doe exist. These are also seen in any other surgery. In the chin augmentation surgery the complication that can be seen is the decrease or loss of sensation in the lower lips. But the loss of sensation is normal and will pass with time. Complete loss of sensation is rare.

Severe bleeding that fills the mouth rapidly is a very rare condition too. In such a case, you should consult your health professional by biting a sterile tampon or a clean piece of cotton.

In conclusion, the chin augmentation surgery potential risks are listed above and no surgery is without any risk. To avoid and minimize the potential risks, follow the instructions above and follow your health care professionals’ orders as stated.

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