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Gastric Balloon Operation in Turkey

What is Gastric Balloon Operation? What are some Gastric balloon options?

The balloon method is used for non-surgical weight loss, which is based on filling the stomach with an artificial balloon and controlling food intake, which is called the gastric balloon technique. Gastric balloons consist of three types according to criteria that vary according to the wishes of the person, body size and health status. Weight loss is achieved in a short time by attaching the most suitable type of gastric balloon to the person. Types of gastric balloons used for weight loss are:

Inflatable Gastric Balloon

Normally, there are more than one type of gastric balloon inflated with air, but due to the problems that arise during its use, one type of inflatable balloon is used today. These balloons, which are made of silicone material on the outside and wrapped with two layers of protective material to prevent air leakage, have two major advantages. The first is that they are very light when inflated. Since they are much lighter than non-inflated balloons, their coefficient of sensation is also very low. The second advantage of balloons inflated with air is that they do not cause a feeling of pain or nausea. The rarely encountered feeling of nausea disappears completely in about three to four days. Balloon is applied by endoscopic method; It is filled with approximately 600cc air after it is placed in the stomach in deflated state. It is taken from the stomach under the influence of general anesthesia six months after it is placed in the stomach.

Fluid Inflated Stomach Balloon

Another type of gastric balloon, which is a liquid-inflated gastric balloon, is the most widely used type of gastric balloon today. Its volume is larger than other gastric balloons. It is placed in the stomach with an endoscopic method. After its placement, the saline solution is filled into the balloon and sealed. After sealing, it is checked whether there is leakage by looking at the movements of the colored salt solution in it. Because of this advantage, it is used safely in many gastric balloon operations. The harmlessness of the liquid inside is another advantage. It covers about fifty percent more space than other types of gastric balloons. Due to this advantage, it greatly reduces the amount of nutrients taken. Due to its large size, the coefficient of sensation is high and the side effects it creates are high. The first three to four days creates a feeling of intense vomiting.

Silicone Stomach Balloon

The latest example of gastric balloon applications is silicone adjustable gastric balloons. Although they are quite small in volume, they are placed in a part of the stomach that is effective on satiety. In this way, they can provide a feeling of satiety more than other gastric balloons. It can be used safely since the material it is produced from does not cause any harm to the body. A special hook system is used to prevent the balloon from moving towards the intestines. It does not show any side effects due to its small volume. Since there is no air or water in it, there is no risk of leakage. Due to the lack of this risk, it can be used for very long periods. Nowadays, it has been on a case for up to two years, but this is not recommended. Its useful life is known as one year. It is placed and removed under general anesthesia.

Do I qualify for Gastric Balloon?

It is a correct method to apply to people with at least one of the diseases such as

• diabetes

• heart disease

• high blood pressure,

• fatty liver,

• sleep apnea,

• difficulty in movement,

• breathing difficulties and whose body mass index is 25 kg / m2 and above. .

The person may constantly gain weight due to situations such as unhealthy and improper nutrition, being inactive, having hormone disorders. This weight can be controlled with diets and sports exercises. In some specific cases, with the support of some psychological factors as well, the person may be unable to lose the weight that has been gained. Diet and sports exercises don’t work. As a result of this situation, obesity develops. Obesity is a very dangerous disease. It disrupts many functions of the body since it begins to develop. It greatly increases the risk of developing diseases such as diabetes. Here, in cases where traditional weight loss methods do not work, usually in the presence of obesity, a gastric balloon is applied.

Whether or not a gastric balloon treatment to be provided is not on the person’s own initiative. Generally, it is acted upon with doctor’s advice and observation. If a doctor is consulted and a surgical intervention is decided after a follow-up period, the possibility of a gastric balloon will arise. If the person’s body mass index is over fifty five, surgical intervention becomes very dangerous. In order to eliminate this risk, body mass index should be lowered. For this purpose, gastric balloon appears as one of the methods that can be applied. In some cases, a gastric balloon is attached to those with a body mass index of thirty-five or lower. In a cases where there is a disease in addition to their excess weight. This disease is usually diabetes.

Who Cannot Have Stomach Balloon?

• Those with chronic stomach disease,

• Pregnant women and those using cortisone.

• Apart from these, if there is a doctor’s recommendation, everyone can wear a gastric balloon.

The Effect of Stomach Balloon on Weight Loss

We can define the stomach as an empty shrunk bag. This bag begins to swell as you eat. Although it is not normally as flexible, it can stretch incredibly when consumption of food reaches to a highly point. If the food consumption is constantly high, the inner volume of the bag constantly increases. The effect of the internal volume of the stomach on satiety is enormous. When the stomach is full, the cells and hormones on the stomach transmit the saturation signal. After the transmission of the signal, the person feels full and stops eating. If the internal volume of the stomach is too large, the saturation signal is sent too late; The person eats more calories until they are sent.

Normally, interventions to the inner volume of the stomach are performed by surgical methods, but in some cases, surgical intervention may be risky or not suitable to be provided accordingly to the patient's body mass index. In order to eliminate this risk, the thing to be done is to artificially fill the inner volume of the stomach. A balloon filled with air or water is normally placed in the area filled with food. Food is saved as much as the space occupied by the bag. A person fills his large stomach by consuming much less food than he would normally consume. Perhaps two-fifths of the daily calorie intake are taken,within the food that fills the area left by the gastric balloon. In this way, the weight loss process begins.

How Much Weight Can You Loose with a Gastric Balloon?

Although wearing a gastric balloon means definite weight loss, the truth is not exactly that. Yes, the gastric balloon can help to lose large pounds in a short time, but only if the patient ate correctly. In other words, wearing a gastric balloon does not eliminate the need for changes in lifestyle. After the gastric balloon is attached, the volume of the stomach decreases between 300cc and 900cc depending on the type of gastric balloon inserted. The type of gastric balloon to be inserted is determined according to the patient’s condition and the doctor’s advice. As the volume of the gastric balloon increases, the amount of weight that can be lost and the speed of losing increase. As the volume decreases, the opposite situation is encountered, but this slow weight loss situation is also healthy.

Stomach balloons remain in the stomach for approximately six months after the insertion. They start to reduce the amount of calories the person takes from the first day they are attached. Even if a person wants to consume with great desire, he cannot and should not consume because the stomach volume is not sufficient. If an appropriate diet is written by a specialist dietician in a special way for the use of a gastric balloon, it is possible to lose up to thirty kilos at the end of six months. Since it is generally applied to obesity patients before surgical intervention, the weight lost does not eliminate the possibility of surgery, but reduces it.

How to Insert a Gastric Balloon?

The gastric balloon is used to reduce the volume of the stomach. The balloon placed in the stomach is inflated with water, inserted into a certain place. In this way, saturation with less food is ensured, while the saturation period is extended. The pleasure of eating is eliminated due to the discomfort caused when a lot of nutrients are taken.

The procedure is performed after 12 hours of starvation. It takes 10-15 minutes. It is applied with sedation; it is not a surgical method. After 3 hours of supervision, the patient can continue his normal life. Gastric balloons can be taken into two types, 6 and 12 months of duration. Depending on the amount of weight the person needs to lose, the duration of the balloon to be wearing varies. In this process, it should be aimed to change eating habits. Approximately 15-30 kg of weight loss is achieved by recommendations for a restrictive diet program after application…

What should be paid attention to with Gastric Balloon operation?

• If you are extremely sensitive to nausea and vomiting, you should choose the gastric balloon that is the lowest in volume.

• You have a lot of weight and if you need to have surgery urgently, you need to choose the larger gastric balloon in volume.

• After inserting the gastric balloon, you should pay attention to what you eat and drink. You should avoid all kinds of foods that are overly fatty, acidic or caffeine. Especially in air-swell stomach balloons, the nutrients consumed become even more important.

• The use of some stomach medications should be carried out after the operation. It should be used with some drugs. These drugs will be prescribed by your doctor.

• Sudden movements should be avoided for the first week, and then sudden movements should be observed.

• If complaints develop unexpectedly, a doctor should be consulted. Especially the pain in the intestines and excessive gas situations form situations where a doctor should be consulted.

As long as the information above are paid attention, the chances of complications after gastric balloon operations are quite low. In addition, the wearing of the gastric balloon does not mean that everything desired can be consumed. Healthy lifestyle should be changed; carbohydrate and sugar intake should be considered.

Advantages of Gastric Balloon

• Gastric balloon has recently become one of the most used methods. Since the gastric balloon covers the stomach in volume, it makes the person much more comfortable to control the portion. This prevents unnecessary calorie intake during the day and accelerates the process of gaining the ideal weight.

• Thanks to this process, which restricts daily calorie intake, people can get their ideal weight in a short and healthy way. This process increases self-confidence due to the physical change of people reaching their ideal weight and supports the formation of people who are more psychologically happy.


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