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Armlift Surgery – What is it?

Armlift Surgery – What is it?

Highly experienced surgeons perform arm lift surgery which is a plastic surgery. The main goal of this operation to remove excessive skin. This process is finalizing through restoring tension of skin. Surely, arms can sag due to rapid weight loss. With arm lift surgery, the patient gets rid of the sagging skin to have tense arm structure.

In other words, arm lift surgery is stretching skin from the elbow to the armpit. During an arm lift surgery, your surgeon will stretch your arm skin to give the arm the desired form. This form is to be more natural and attractive.

In addition, adults who lose their skin elasticity in the upper arm area, and whose general health condition does not cause any complication can have arm lift surgery. After the operation, patients can be discharged from the hospital on the same day or the next day. Also, two weeks after the operation, they can start arm exercises with the approval of the surgeons.

When a highly experienced surgeon performs an arm lift, the risk of postoperative complications become less. In addition, health professionals should plan the arm lift surgery in a custom way. Also the general proportion of the body is .

Why Arm Lift Surgery (Brachioplasty) is performed ?

Loosened and sagging arm skin is one of the sources of unhappiness, arm lift surgery (Brachioplasty) is performed to get rid of this source of unhappiness. When the arms are raised to both sides, sagging appears in the lower part of the bat wing.

As a result of going under arm lift surgery (Brachioplasty), it is possible to get rid of this aesthetic issue, which can be both physically and emotionally disturbing.

Why does arm skin sag and how arm lift solves that?

Skin sagginess can occur around the arm area because of age, excessive weight loss and gravity.

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