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Best Candidates For a Tummy Tuck Surgery

Best Candidates For a Tummy Tuck Surgery

Tummy tuck before and after in Turkey overall has the most detailed process within. If you decided to have tummy tuck surgery, this blog is for you.

CK Health Turkey provides you with the best surgeon with high materials in the most sterile environments along with the best post-operation follow-up. While providing a treatment that is safe, reliable, and affordable. Below, you will find information that is general on how the process works. You can receive tummy tuck before and after in Turkey details by contacting CK Health Turkey.

Effective tummy tuck treatment methods exist as a result of the developments in medicine in recent years. It is for individuals with excess fat, excess skin, and similar problems in the abdominal region. These can be due to various reasons for patients to have abdominal stretching operations. Although it can be seen in both genders, it is ensured that the sagging of the abdominal area is stretched. The main goal is to have a smooth and healthy appearance.

In this way, the appearance of the sagging skin is removed and excess fat is removed and the abdominal area is flattened. Especially the cracks in the part below the belly button are gone.

What happens before the operation?

Below, we have listed the things to Consider before tummy tuck surgery for your information. If you follow them, your surgery and your recovery will be easier for you. These are:

  • Avoiding medications that has Blood-thinning properties;
  • Not using medication without surgeon’s knowledge;
  • Preferring food that soothes your stomach
  • Quitting smoking and alcohol consumption;
  • Avoiding foods that can cause constipation before surgery
  • Becoming psychologically and physiologically ready
  • Following doctor’s recommendations

The points above are general and anticipated points to consider before abdominoplasty. If you have special difficulties, you should definitely benefit from the help of a medical professional. This is very important as it is about physical and mental health.

What happens after Tummy Tuck?

Usually, tummy tuck surgery lasts 3-5 hours under general anesthesia. As a result of the surgery, there will be only almost invisible to the naked eye around the pubic area. Since the stretching process will be limited, there will be almost invisible scars around the belly. You can combine this treatment with liposuction. The fat taken from the patient can be used in fat transfer procedures.

There is no excessive pain after the tummy tuck. General anesthesia before the operation maintains its effect longer than the duration of the operation. Thus you can feel like freezing after the operation. This is completely normal. Also, manage pain with painkillers recommended by the physician after the end of the operation.

After the surgery, the patient walks and it will accelerate blood circulation. The stitches used in the operation are aesthetic stitches. So, they do not need to be removed after the operation. These are special absorbing threads.

We recommend taking a shower 24 hours after the tummy tuck operation. However, always ask your surgeon first. As the above is general information and can differ from patient to patient. In general, there is no harm in returning to routine life after 3-4 days.

Finally, as long as you work with a clinic you trust, you can have tummy tuck surgery safely.

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