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Boob Implant in Turkey: FAQs-1

Boob Implant in Turkey: FAQs-1

There are many questions on Boob implant in Turkey as they are as they are the most popular types of plastic surgery. In this blog, you will find some of the answers of frequently asked questions on Boob implants in Turkey. Should you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact CK Health Turkey.

Can I use boob implants for life?

In the old generation boob implants, the silicone content in the boob implant’s content would decrease a little every year, so this would lead to deformity and loss of volume. This problem has been eliminated in the new generation boob implants and the manufacturers report that the boob implants have a lifetime of use.

Will there be any scars after the boob implant surgery?

Your boob implants can be placed in 3 different places under the breast, nipple and armpit. This scar, which will remain in your bikini area in the procedures performed under the breast and on the nipple, is initially red; it will fade within a few months and will become skin colored. Your track will not be visible unless you look at it very carefully.

Is it possible for my boob implant to tear?

Boob implant was first introduced to the world in the 1960s. In those years, there were boob implants whose outer walls were derived from soybean oil, however; these were not durable and were abandoned due to its side effects. New generation boob implants have a silo-coated outer wall and the risk of reaction to silicone is very low. When there is a tear in your breast prosthesis, your breast size will change, pain and redness will occur, in this case, we can easily see the status of the prosthesis by having an MRI.

Does Breast Prosthesis Cause Cancer?

It is estimated that approximately 300000 boob implants are produced every year in America alone and the second most common plastic surgery after fat removal is breast augmentation. A woman who has a boob implants, like any woman, has the risk of developing cancer. But; There is no scientific data showing that boob implants increase the chances of getting breast cancer in studies. In any case, we advise breast screening with mammography every year to all patients who undergo boob implant surgery.

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