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Boob Implants in Turkey: FAQs

Boob Implants in Turkey: FAQs

This blog aims to answer the most frequently asked questions about boob implants in Turkey and further.

What are Microchip Boob Implants?

With the advances in boob implants technology, the microchip implants are changing in the gel containing the silicone and tell us the identity of the prosthesis with the help of the chip placed in the supergel, which will not be felt from the outside. 

So what is the identity of this boob implant? When the chip in the boob implant is scanned, it can be seen about the production place, time, and chemical substances in the silicone. 

In the past, people used to give a card to patients and were told to keep this card for life, now there is no need for this thanks to the chip. In addition, thermal changes in the early period can be detected. This is a great help when it comes to detecting the bleeding that may occur due to the prosthesis and the infection may develop in the early period after the surgery.

Will I Have Much Pain After the procedure?

While placing a boob implant, it will be decided by your physician that if there is no underlying muscle, under the membrane will be placed. Although, the pain varies according to the place where the boob implant is placed. The first 3-4 days of the surgery there will be some pain that is felt. 

When Can I Return for Work?

However, your pain management will start right after your surgery through appropriate painkillers after your boob implants in Turkey procedure . Thus, the comfort of the patient is ensured during the recovery period. Even though the completion of the healing process can vary patient by patient. You may return to work approximately 1 week later. Also, in order to start with your sports activities, you will have to wait at least for 4 weeks. Before starting with your sports activities, you should consult with your health professionals first.

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