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Boob Implants in Turkey: FAQs (2)

Boob Implants in Turkey: FAQs (2)

This blog is the continuation of frequently asked questions on Boob Implants in Turkey. You can see the below questions on the same subject. These are:

I had silicone boob implants. Will I be able to breastfeed?

Boob implants produced under today’s conditions are bivalve and extremely resistant to deformations such as tearing and puncture. Thanks to the boob implants outer sheaths filled with silicone gel, it does not affect your mammary gland. So there is no evidence that it affects pregnancy and breastfeeding.

If there is no muscle tissue, is membrane bottom better for boob implant placement?

The iboob mplant should be placed under the muscle in patients with very weak breast tissue. Otherwise, the edges of the breast prosthesis will be palpable and an unnatural appearance. 

However, if you have some breast tissue, a natural appearance can be obtained by placing the prosthesis under the membrane. It will be best to decide together with your physician on which plan your boob implants should be placed.

Will I be able to sunbathe after having a boob implant and what about the solarium?

There is no harm in sunbathing and going to the solarium after the operation. However, in the first year after the procedure, it is beneficial to apply 50 SPF sunscreen cream before performing such activities in order to prevent permanent scarring.

I think about getting round boob implants, will it be natural?

The lower part of the drop-shaped prostheses is fuller and the upper part is thinner. With round boob implants, a fuller appearance is obtained on the upper part of the breast. There is an opinion that the drop boob implants look more natural. 

In fact, an extremely natural appearance obtained with round boob implants of the right size selected according to the size and sagging of your breast structure. The presence of sagging in your breast tissue affect the choice of prosthesis placed, such as pregnancy and child breastfeeding. 

The patient should clearly express their expectations and leave the choice of size and shape to their physician.

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