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Breast Lift Turkey – What methods exist?

Breast Lift Turkey – What methods exist?

Breast lift Turkey offers variety of methods. In order to get access to your most reasonably priced breast lift surgery that will be performed by our best surgeons in a most sanitized environment with the high quality of materials contact CK Health Turkey.

Below, you will find information on breast lift surgery methods. Also, these will assist you understanding which type you can benefit the most.

Firstly, for a woman, it is very important to have a beautiful, voluminous, elastic, toned chest. However, under certain circumstances – after childbirth, a sharp weight loss, due to age-related changes – the breast can sag and lose its shape. Also, mastopexy – breast lift surgery – will help restore the attractiveness of the bust. Thirdly, to do this, the doctor carefully removes unnecessary tissue, corrects the position of the areolas and nipples and, if necessary, uses implants.

Also, it’s believed that the most remarkable changes in the female breast undergo during pregnancy and lactation. However, there are other factors that lead to the fact that the bust loses its elasticity and shape:

  • gravity — a natural and inevitable cause of loss of breast shape;
  • age (over time, the glandular tissue of the breast loosens);
  • heredity;
  • hormonal changes;
  • weight fluctuations;
  • weakening of connective tissue (due to congenital features, age-related changes, stretching during feeding, etc.);
  • wrong selection of underwear;
  • smoking and drinking habits

What are the methods of Breast lift exist in Turkey?

Circular. This is a classic operation with a moderate lowering of the breast and in the absence of a significant amount of skin in the chest area.

Vertical. Mastopexy of this type is indicated when the nipple is lowered to the level of the sub-breast fold or even lower, as well as significant sprain as a result of lactation.

Endoscopic. The procedure is suitable for women with small breasts and performed through small punctures.

Anchor. Plastic surgery of this type recommended for ptosis of the third, fourth and fifth degree. Also, the method involves a combination of vertical technique and making a cut in the form of an anchor.

Periareolar (circular). This method is the least traumatic of all existing ones. Also, it requires small incisions that do not leave noticeable scars. However, the tissues in the areola of the nipples are stretched and the mammary gland is reduced. This method is effective for minor ptosis.

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