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Breast Reduction – Frequently Asked Questions

Breast Reduction – Frequently Asked Questions

Breast reduction surgery does aesthetically reduce the excessively large breasts. Which are formed by the grooves of the bra straps on the shoulders that cause neck and back pain.

When should you have breast reduction surgery?

If you have decided to have the operation, you should definitely reach your ideal weight before surgery. The aesthetic results of the operation surgery performed at the most suitable weight for your height.

How should you prepare for the operation?

Smoking must be stopped before the operation if you are an active smoker. Our recommendation is to stop smoking at least 4 weeks before the operation. In addition, you should also stop smoking for at least 4 weeks after the operation. As a suitable patient who has lost weight and quit smoking.

Then, you can call yourself a certified healthcare professional to have the operation surgery from CK Health Turkey.

Which technique is used for the breast reduction operation ?

Each surgeon uses a different technique. The most commonly used one is the superior pedicle technique. Which the sensation and circulation of the nipple, which has an inverted T-shaped scar, is provided from the superior. The surgery is completed with an inverted T-shaped scar, starting from the nipple circumference. It descends the whole breast perpendicular to the midline and continuing under the breast fold.

Should I use a special bandage or corset after the surgery?

After the operation surgery, you need to wear a special front zippered bra similar to a sports bra. That should be worn for at least 6 weeks. This can also change based on your medical professional’s suggestions

Will bra sizes change after surgery?

The numerical size of your postoperative bra (75,80,90, 95 etc.) refers to the chest wall circumference and unfortunately this number remains the same after the operation surgery. The unit of the bra, which corresponds to the breast volume expressed in A, B, C, is the unit that will change after surgery and is desired to be changed. And patients who usually wear C and D cups are in search of the operation surgery due to neck pain, not being able to fit their clothes, and the problems caused by bra straps on the shoulder. After the operation surgery, these patients usually reach the size of a B cup, but it is almost impossible to have an A cup.

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