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Breast Reduction – Frequently Asked Questions (2)

Breast Reduction – Frequently Asked Questions (2)

Breast Reduction surgery is one most popular plastic surgeries around the world. That is why, there are many questions asked online. Also, there are a lot of information on the web that you cannot confirm if the source is reliable or not. That is why, you can find reliable and complete information below. If you have further question on the same, you can always contact CK Health Turkey.

Are scars breast reduction surgery permanent?

A patient with D cup will have inverted T-shaped scars after reduction surgery, and these scars are permanent. But, they turn into well-healed scars over time. But they are never disappear completely. After the surgery, the activities of the patients and their participation in social life increase significantly. Also, the aim of improving health is achieved through the operation.

Does the operation cause cancer?

The surgery does not cause breast cancer. It is diagnosed early, if any, due to both the pre-procedure examinations and the regular breast follow-ups of these patients.

When will the scars after the surgery lighten?

A patient with D cup after the surgery will have inverted T-shaped scars after the surgery, and these scars are permanent, they turn into well-healed scars over time, but are never gone completely.

Will there be a loss of sensation after the surgery?

There is no loss of sensation in the breast after the surgery.

Can this surgery be combined with belly and leg fat removal ?

Along with this surgery, belly and leg fat removal can be performed. Also, it depends on the request of the patient and current health status of the patient too.

Is the surgery difficult?

This surgery is not a difficult operation. In general, patients may feel pain for the first 2 days. But they can return to their daily activities the next day.

Is the surgery risky?

This surgery has similar risks associated with every surgery. Thus, it has no specific risk.

Does breast reduction surgery performed without unconsciousness?

This surgery does not happen without unconsciousness and performed under general anesthesia.

Can breast reduction be performed with laser?

This surgery is not performed with laser. Breast reduction is only possible with surgery.

What is the name of breast reduction in men?

The name of this surgery in men is gynecomastia.

Is the baby breastfed during after this surgery?

After this surgery, there is always a decrease in the amount of milk. For this reason, it is generally recommended to patients to have this surgery after giving birth and breastfeeding their babies.

How long does breast reduction surgery take to heal?

The recovery period in this surgery is 2 weeks. This depends on the patients’ medical history. As, not all patients can recover from the surgery around the same time.

When do the scars disappear ?

The scars of this surgery may look like pink-red surface for the first 2 months. Your medical professional will start the treatment of these scars 2 weeks after the operation. After the third month, the appearance of these scars decreases. It continues to decrease considerably in the 6th month, it will become a fine line in the first year that almost invisible to the naked eye.

Does the state cover the surgery?

This surgery is not covered by the state in private clinics as it is considered to be a cosmetic surgery.

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