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Breast Surgery – What are the methods?

Breast Surgery – What are the methods?

Breast surgery includes several ways to increase the breast, which differ in their purpose and methods of execution. Of course, this information is only introductory. The final decision on the choice of the type of operation and implants should come from a professional.


Another name for the procedure is lipofilling. This is a method of breast surgery by transferring the patient’s own live fat cells. Also, the main condition for surgical intervention in this case is concomitant liposuction. In slender patients, there is simply no place to take excess fat. But, the peculiarity of adipose tissue is low survival rate with strong compression. So, you can only increase the breast by one size in one procedure. In addition, skin is sufficiently stretched and the inserted tissue takes root, the procedure can be repeated.

First, a marking is applied to the patient’s body, which helps to introduce fat symmetrically. Then, with the help of a special device, liposuction is performed. After which the collected fat is transferred into the mammary gland through point punctures and distributed in the desired way. Your surgeon starts to sew incisions in the liposuction area. Additionally, treats punctures of the skin of the mammary glands with antiseptics.

Lipofilling can create a harmonious silhouette by removing excess in the right places and adding volume in the chest area. The shape, size and tactile sensations of the breast will be perceived naturally.

Breast surgery by this method does not distort the results of examination of breast tissue and chest organs. The method is almost scarless, with a short recovery period (about two weeks).

Breast Surgery with implants

It is the most common type of breast surgery. There are three options for incisions to install implants: in the crease under the breast, in the armpit and around the areola of the nipple. Your surgeon will determine which method is best in your particular case. Most surgeons consider installing the implant through an incision in the armpit is the most difficult. However, does not leave scars in the chest area. Areolar implantation can make subsequent breastfeeding difficult. Most surgeons implant through incisions under the breast. Also, it allows you to install the implant both under the breast gland and deeper, under the pectoral muscle.

Implants also are different in the structural features of the shell: with a smooth and textured surface. Textured implants are less prone to displacement, that is, they are more stable.

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