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Can I start using birth control pills after my gastric bypass surgery?

Can I start using birth control pills after my gastric bypass surgery?

Our patients generally have no problem swallowing tablets. However, no one else will probably tell you that the effect of birth control pills will decrease after gastric bypass and that you may need to use an additional method.

Can I have children after my gastric bypass surgery?

Yes you can have children after your gastric bypass surgery. It is well observed that for women who have difficulties before, they successfully have children after their gastric bypass surgery. Gastric bypass surgery has nothing to be an obstacle against pregnancy. In addition, gastric bypass surgery can increase fertility in patients who have had problems before. However, we advise our patients not to have children before the fast weight loss period is over. The time of this period can last for a year or more. Fast and long-term weight loss can cause anomalies in the developing fetus. Thus, you should consult with our medical professionals about your pregnancy planning before your gastric bypass surgery.

Is there any problem with taking medication after my gastric bypass surgery?

Many tablets and capsules are small enough to pass through a new stomach pouch. However, in the beginning, it is recommended to prefer liquid forms of the medication.If you have a medication in solid form, it can be crushed for consumption. In any medication you use after your gastric bypass surgery, consult with your surgeon about the same.

Will I have to change the medications I regularly use after my gastric bypass surgery?

Dose adjustments of the drugs you use for diabetes or blood pressure will be made according to the situation in your follow-up. Generally, the absorption problem does not require an increase in the drug dose. In any case, there should be no medication used without consulting your bariatric surgeon.

Will I experience hair loss after my gastric bypass surgery?

Hair loss can sometimes be observed with a quick and excessive amount of weight loss. The most common reason for hair loss is insufficient protein consumption. Another reason for hair loss can be the lack of zinc consumption. Hair loss can be seen in between 4 to 6 months of surgery in patients who do not get enough protein and zinc. Regular protein intake at meals is the most crucial preventive measure. Daily zinc support and plenty of water consumption are also recommended. In many patients, natural regeneration returns after the initial hair loss.

What can I do to prevent sagging of the skin after my gastric bypass surgery?

Excessive skin sagging is related to age, elasticity of the skin. In many patients, excess skin should be corrected with plastic surgery after a rapid excessive weight loss. The only measure that can reduce sagging is exercise. But it can be reduced to a minimum limit. If long term results are requested for skin sagging, plastic surgery is the most reasonable option for this case. Remember to have your consultation to see your eligibility for requested type of plastic surgery. Keep in mind that only a year after your gastric bypass surgery you can have plastic surgery due to your own safety.

How should my Liquid Food Consumption be after my Gastric Bypass Surgery?

In general, it is not not recommended to consume solid food for approximately 4 weeks after gastric bypass surgery. In this period it is essential for the stapler line to heal adequately. A sample list will be given to you in this regard by CK Health Turkey after your gastric bypass surgery.

How will my long-term diet be like after my gastric bypass surgery?

In general you may have three small meals per day. Try to keep a record of the food you take in the first months. For instance, you can write down everything in terms of your food and beverage consumption, and the time and amount. Thus, if you experience problems such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or malabsorption in the future, your records can be examined and recommendations can be made accordingly.

It is most important to be attentive towards the quantity and the quality of the foods you consume. When you start eating solids, try to select foods that are high in protein. Protein foods are very important during your healing process for the stapler line in your pouch. Soft protein sources such as chicken, fish and other lean sources can be selected for your food intake once your solid food diet starts. Foods should be prepared without adding oil, sauces, butter, margarine, mayonnaise should be avoided.

You should definitely make a habit of eating slowly and chewing foods thoroughly. Foods that are not chewed enough cannot pass through a narrow stoma and can lead to vomiting. Do not continue eating as soon as you have a feeling of satiety. If not stopped, you can experience vomiting and strain in your stapler line.

What should I avoid after my gastric bypass surgery?

When it comes to food consumption after your gastric bypass surgery, you avoid sweets and processed food at all cost. This includes but not limited to candy gums, candies, and processed juices. Avoid sugar-coated foods. You may not be able to tolerate foods that contain especially fat and sugar after your gastric bypass surgery. An average diet of 1000-1200 calories per day is recommended. You need to ask advice from health professionals for your nutrition plan because everyone has different types of metabolism.

During your daily meals, avoid having water and food at the same time. Take fluids at least half an hour before or an hour after eating. Consuming liquids with food can lead to bloating, low food intake, vomiting and dumping syndrome. This can also lead you to feel hungry constantly. Do not have carbonated beverages, including soda after your gastric bypass surgery.

Get at least 20 minutes of exercise a day. Make sure that the exercise you have is not exhaustive. Consult with health professionals for more details on how to have exercises properly after your gastric bypass surgery.

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