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Can my Leg Lift (Thigh Lift) Surgery be postponed or canceled?

Can my Leg Lift (Thigh Lift) Surgery be postponed or canceled?

It is possible to imagine that your Leg Lift (Thigh Lift) Surgery can be postponed or cancelled. The main reason for the same is to have any medical objection against your treatment. In any type of treatment, if observed that your life can be dangerous while having your treatment. For instance, if you are a candidate for gastric sleeve surgery but with a higher BMI than 50 may asked to lose weight first. If the patient is in that case the surgery request might be rejected or the requested date of the surgery can be postponed.

Is it possible to have fat accumulation in the legs after Leg Lift (Thigh Lift) Surgery?

After having the Leg Lift (Thigh Lift) Surgery, you need to pay close attention to your dieting and exercising guidelines, otherwise your body will continue to accumulate fat. Please make sure that these guidelines are obtained by a health professional. Otherwise, your diet and exercise can bring more than good than harm. Surgery alone is not enough, remembering this and more importantly, patients who make their daily life weaker by relying on the surgery will also face the same problem.

Is it risky to gain weight after Leg Lift (Thigh Lift) Surgery?

The gain of excessive fat, the leg area after the Leg Lift (Thigh Lift) Surgery may be deformed and reached pleasing results can be lost. Thus, post operative period carries a high importance so you need to be especially careful for the same. Another weight prolonged will also be an extra nutrition program as it will harm another overall.

Can I Exercise During Doctor’s Check-ups once the Leg Lift (Thigh Lift) Surgery is done?

You will need to have at least 2 week to rest for recovery to be able to do sports and start exercising. Having sports or exercise will reflect negatively on your body as well as on your legs. The approval of the physician before the sports and exercises will be in your favor in order to have a healthy status.

Will it be to return to my daily life after my have Leg Lift (Thigh Lift) Surgery?

During the Leg Lift (Thigh Lift) Surgery operation, the scarring created around the incision area will start to be less visible over time. Once the recovery process is done, the surgical operation scarring will almost be invisible. There is no disruption in your mobility or workforce in any way once the recovery period is complete.

How Prices of the Leg Lift (Thigh Lift) Surgery Determined?

The surgery prices will be different to another depending on the clinic, physician and the devices owned. Many private hospitals and clinics of an application provide services for this operation and it is possible to say that they offer offers. Instead of doing your price research online, it would be a much better choice to meet with health professionals to get the most accurate and complete information from first hand.

Can Leg Lift (Thigh Lift) Surgery Be combined with other plastic surgeries?

Yes, if the patient is medically suitable to have Leg Lift (Thigh Lift) Surgery along with other types of plastic surgeries. The types and numbers of plastic surgeries will depend on a case basis. To determine the medical suitability of the patient. The same suitability will be determined through series of consultations, tests and examinations by healthcare professionals. In any case, it is always a good idea to take medical advice from healthcare professionals

Do health problems Prevent Leg Lift (Thigh Lift) Surgery?

If the patient have health problems that will adversely affect the surgery in a negative way. Thus, the date of the surgery is postponed or canceled. Your healthcare professional should provide detailed information on this subject and the operation process.

Can I have Leg Lift (Thigh Lift) Surgery during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

It is not recommended to do any action that should be done during breastfeeding or pregnancy. Even the smallest risk can be a nuisance, and taking this risk is unnecessary, especially during such sensitive periods.

How Is Leg Lift (Thigh Lift) Surgery Performed?

It is very important in the evaluation of the operation method. If the patient is thin, a horizontal incision is used, if fat, a vertical incision is used. After the skin tongue is calculated, an incision is made from the inner part of the legs, close to the genitals. Excess skin is cut and the remaining piece of skin is stretched and stitched. The remaining skin after the operation looks very tight and young. Local anesthesia is used during the operation and the operation takes approximately one and a half hours.

In which situations Leg Lift (Thigh Lift) Surgery is applied?

Leg Lift (Thigh Lift) Surgery is applied when the patient has sagging of the inner sides of the legs or irregularities are among the most disturbing aesthetical issues. With rapid weight gain, lack of exercise, and aging, the sagginess of the inner legs are accelerated. In addition to mentioned issues above, the inner leg bothers patients physiologically, dermatologically and hygienically. There are various treatment methods for inner legs, which are difficult to correct with its very thin skin structure.

What are indications that demonstrate the need of Leg Lift (Thigh Lift) Surgery?

There are many variables when determining the need of Leg Lift (Thigh Lift) Surgery. The process of getting a Leg Lift (Thigh Lift). Surgery starts with the decision of the patient without force from outside as the decision should come within. Patient should decide with right reasons to have Leg Lift (Thigh Lift) Surgery. The decision of getting Leg Lift (Thigh Lift) Surgery is a personal choice. Below, there are some variables when determining to have Leg Lift (Thigh Lift) Surgery. These are:

·       Deep cracks in the skin

·       Skin irritation due to friction on the inside of the legs and thigh

·       Sagging of the leg and thigh skin

·       Unpleasant appearance in the inner leg parts in tight clothes

What are the advantages of getting Leg Lift (Thigh Lift) Surgery?

Below, there are some advantages of the patient who are deciding to have Leg Lift (Thigh Lift) Surgery. These are:

·       After the operation, the skin will look more youthful, tight and younger.

·       After the operation, the incision is not visible from the patient standing.

·       Self-dissolving stitches are used thus the aesthetics of the patient are not intervened.

·       Although scars vary according to skin quality, the scars fade after an average of 9-12 months.

·       Leg Lift (Thigh Lift) Surgery is suitable for both men and women.

Should I Lose Weight Before Leg Lift (Thigh Lift) Surgery?

Patients who have excess weight has a higher risk when compared to patients who have ideal weight as per their BMI. It is a common knowledge that excessive weight increases the chances of risks and complications associated with plastic surgeries. Also, after the operation, patients stand up not easily as their wounds need more time to heal.

Thus patient who have the health issue of obesity are highly recommended to reduce their weight before Leg Lift (Thigh Lift) Surgery. That way risks and complications are lessen that is caused by the same reason.

What is Leg Lift (Thigh Lift) Surgery?

Leg Lift (Thigh Lift) Surgery is the removal of skin accumulated due to excessive fat cells and that can occur on the upper and inner side of the thighs. Patient’s corporation is highly needed when the result of the Leg Lift (Thigh Lift) Surgery is for long term.

How are Leg Lift (Thigh Lift) Surgery performed?

The application of this method in patients with excessive skin causes the scar to be prolonged, sliding downward over time. Therefore, in most patients, excess skin is removed leaving a vertical scar. Liposuction is applied to the inner part of the thighs beforehand. The vertical incision is placed on the inner side of the leg, from the inner side of the groin towards the knee.

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