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Dental Reconstruction in Turkey: Why visit Turkey?

Dental Reconstruction in Turkey: Why visit Turkey?

Dental Reconstruction in Turkey is a great choice for all patients worldwide. There are many reasons behind it. Such as, safety, reliability and affordability with highest medical infrastructure. Also, CK Health Turkey offers all inclusive healthcare packages to patients worldwide.

This blog is here to provide you information on why you should select Turkey for your dental reconstruction.

What is Dental Reconstruction?

Smile design related to teeth and gums also have a very important place today. Although the solution of problems such as toothache, bad breath and tooth loss comes to mind when oral care is mentioned.

Aesthetic problems resulting from decayed teeth, gingival diseases, irregularities in tooth alignment, abnormal coloration and tooth loss can negatively affect people’s social lives. In addition, it can cause self-confidence deficiencies and cause people to start to hesitate to laugh in public. That is why smile design exists and is popular among patients around the world.

Why visit Turkey?

There are many reasons why you should visit Turkey for your smile design. The main ones are:

  • Highly experienced dentists
  • High clinic standards
  • The quality of the equipment
  • Pre and post follow – ups

Overall, the Republic of Turkey has a high quality medical infrastructure for the safety and well being of all patients. At the same time, you can combine your medical treatment and vacation at the same time with CK Health Turkey in Antalya. CK Health Turkey offers dental treatments that are all inclusive VIP Packages that are customized.

Which Dental Treatments Used in Smile Design?

Aesthetic smile design is not exactly a treatment, but a treatment process. This treatment process varies from patient to patient.

Since, the aesthetic needs and expectations of each patient will be different, the procedures to be performed are determined individually. Thus, you can say that smile design treatments are customized. There are variables that affect this procedure. Such as, the patient’s facial features, gender, age, and expectations are critical.

For example, if there are decayed teeth and gum diseases, they are treated and then tooth cleaning procedures applied. The procedures are determined together with the physician according to the needs and expectations of the patients.

These procedures can be listed as gingival aesthetic interventions called gingivectomy, teeth whitening methods, treatment of missing teeth with implant and prosthesis applications, porcelain laminates, veneers, zirconium coatings, orthodontic treatments (braces treatment).

In conclusion, people from around the world visit Turkey for their dental treatments due to the Republic of Turkey’s high quality medical infrastructure. Call CK Health Turkey to combine your dental treatment and vacation in Antalya.

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