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Do Dental Crowns Ruin Your Teeth?

Do Dental Crowns Ruin Your Teeth?

Dental crowns do not harm your teeth. However damaged or decayed teeth under your dental crown may. The reason is that they can lead to gum disease.

Also, a crown that does not fit to your tooth can lead to tooth decay. That is why it is greatly important for you to choose a clinic that provides you safe, reliable treatment through highly experienced and skilled healthcare professionals.

In some cases, the dental crown may fall out of its place. It may happen due to misplaced dental crowns. If you are up against a similar situation, you should put away your crown in a plastic bag and see your dentist as soon as possible. Sensitive teeth are regularly the result of destroyed tooth enamel or exposed tooth roots.

In most of these cases, your dentist suggests you have a new one instead of using the current unfitting dental crown.

In conclusion, dental crowns do not cause any harm to your teeth. Keep in mind, if there are damaged or decayed teeth under your dental crowns, or your dental treatment is not applied with high quality materials by highly experienced healthcare professionals, you may not get the optimum result from your dental treatment.

Why does it smell under my crown?

If you sense a stinking smell that is coming to you from your dental crown, ask assistance from your dentist. Because this situation is not normal and may require immediate attention to prevent any long term complications. There can be various reasons why this can happen. However, none of them are something that you should be ignoring.

For example, poor dental care and hygiene is one of the major reasons for the same. If there is poor dental care, it can cause plaque. This causes a buildup around the crown. Thus, patients can have a bad breath for the same reason.

Another reason can be a misplaced dental crown. Even a slight gap between teeth and crowns can collect food scraps leading to a bad smell. Over time, if not medically attended to, can lead to gum diseases. Remember that gum disease can also cause stinking breath.

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