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How Long Does Ear Surgery Take?

How Long Does Ear Surgery Take?

The Ear Surgery lasts about 1.5 hours. However, it should be noted that this period may be prolonged if different deformations accompany the situation.

How to Make Earlobe Reduction?

For some people, earlobe size is also quite annoying and can distract people from enjoying their social life. Therefore, it may be necessary to perform earlobe reduction surgery on these patients. Your suitability will depend on the evaluation of your medical healthcare professional. Once you are found suitable, this surgery can make the ear look smaller. 

However, it should be known that earlobe reduction surgery is not a routine performed during every ear aesthetic surgery. Earlobe reduction a method used only for the treatment of problems such as size and sagging.

Prominent Ear Postoperative Period

The dressing applied to the patient is very important once the surgery is complete. This pressure prevents blood from leaking between the tissues after the surgery. After surgery, the experienced pain may persist for several days. But this condition can sooth with the use of regular prescribed painkillers.

After 4-5 days after the operation, the bandage removed and the ear wrapped with a much lighter bandage. When the removal time of these bandages comes, the patient advised to wear headbands, especially at night. 

After the ear surgery, headband or tennis player bandage should be used during the day. Wearing an ear band after the surgery highly advised so that it can offer better protection of the shape of the ear.

Adults can return to work within 5 – 7 days on average from the surgery. After the surgery in children, an average of 1 week can be returned to school, but the children should be careful about their activities.

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