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Does food get under all 4 dental implants?

Does food get under all 4 dental implants?

All 4 dental implants are thoroughly cemented in place unlike a normal tooth. So that any food cannot get stuck under dental implants. If food gets stuck underneath, it is a clue that your implants were not placed properly. However, this can easily be resolved with a simple replacement at an affordable price.

What is the truth about dental implants?

Dental implants are reliable and proper for long term use. As they are made of extremely durable materials. Implants offer a great substitute for missing teeth. They are strong as a natural tooth. Also, these materials can include; titanium and porcelain. Which can easily take the full biting force of the jaw. These implants won’t decay. Also, with great oral hygiene, you can prolong their durability further. Keep in mind that they have an average success rate of 95%.

What is a healing cap implant?

A healing cap is also known as healing abutment. It will help promote tissue healing around the area of the dental implant. At the same time, it can help provide protection against plaque too. In general, it is located on the top of the dental implant. Compared to sizes, the healing cap is wider than the implants. So that gum line can take shape. 

Can dental implants get infected years later?

Most of the complications from dental implants are sourced by infections. Peri Implantitis is a common type of infection. It is a gum disease that can lead to inflammation if not treated as soon as possible.

These type of implants may start to happen immediately after the dental treatment or even years later. Moreover, if your dentist didn’t use titanium implants, an infection can grow due to low quality of materials used.

If you observe 1 or more items below, contact your dentist immediately. You can see the below list that can indicate infection. These are;

  • Bad taste/bad breath:
  • Bleeding:
  • Fever or Pain
  • Red or swollen gums

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