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Does the food get under dental implant treatment?

Does the food get under dental implant treatment?

Perhaps, you have recently received dental implant treatment. Now, you are wondering if food can go under the implants. Keep in mind that after the recovery period is over, you are not limited with certain foods. Dental implants function as natural teeth. Thus, they can chew through food.

Keep in mind to not use your teeth other than chewing. Dental implants can be resistant against traumas but they are not indestructible. That is why you should attend them carefully. Have your regular check ups with your dentist and be mindful of your oral hygiene.

 Can tooth implants cause problems?

You should have the suitability to have tooth implants. Before that, there are series of preoperative consultations. Once you are found suitable, you can have the dental treatment.

Keep in mind that dental implant procedures have a great success rate of approximately 90%. With these high rates of success, patients’ lives are elevated.

On the other hand, dental implants have possible risks and complications. Such as infection, tissue or nerve damage. In order to minimize these possible risks and complications, you should work with an expert and reliable clinic. At the same time, you should follow post-op dentist orders for the same. Keep in mind to have constant communication with your healthcare professionals. Finally, ensure the highest level of oral hygiene to prolong the duration of implants.

How long do gums take after dental implant treatment?

During your healing after dental implants, you may feel slight pain. However, you can have pain management through prescribed medication. Make sure to use them as per your medical professionals advice.

In general, patients may complete their recovery process between 6 weeks to 6 months. As every patient has a unique metabolism, this changes patient by patient. On average, it will take approximately 7 to 14 days. Your medical professional can provide certain information in your case.

Healthy nutrition habits are also critical during your healing. For example, smoking can disrupt your recovery process. Nicotine enters the blood and travels through the body via vessels. Thus, smoking increases the chances of slow healing as well as infection. Smoking without completing the recovery can harm your gums and bone. That is why, you should avoid smoking from your medicall successful surgery. If not, it can affect the results of your treatment drastically. As well as harming your health.

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