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E-max crowns Pros and Cons

E-max crowns Pros and Cons

E-max crowns is a revolutionary solution in the field of restorative and cosmetic dentistry. E-max is an all-ceramic dental crown, which has gained popularity due to its qualities such as a long service life and a high level of aesthetics. Like zirconium dioxide crowns, these crowns do not contain metal, as they are all – ceramic; this property guarantees a natural look. Also, health professionals recommend e-max crowns in the presence of damaged and pigmented teeth in general. Zirconia crowns offers superior strength and durability. Metal crowns are the strongest type of dental crown. Depending on the dental correction you need, your dentist will help you choose the best option.

What is the e-max crowns?

E-Max crowns is a ceramic crown has a popularity due to its long service life and aesthetic quality. This type of crown, along with zirconium crowns, has gained popularity due to its high-end aesthetic characteristics.

E-max crown has ceramic, and has an attractive, and translucent color. Also, combines stability and durability. The crown consists of a single block of ceramics based on lithium disilicate. Lithium disilicate is a material for its excellent hardness, opacity and stability. Which contributes to the extreme popularity of this product.

The E-Max crown is considered to represent the next generation of crowns, bridges and veneers in modern dentistry. This means that you get a crown made from a monolithic, solid, homogeneous block. In this regard, the shade that you see on the outside of the restoration work is the same as the shade on the inside. It’s not a dark metal substructure that needs to be hidden.

Advantages of E-max crowns:

  • Reliability: The crowns have a monolithic structure, the strength of lithium disilicate is 470-530 MPa, which corresponds to a similar indicator of steel.
  • Functionality: They completely restore the functions of the teeth in the chewing and frontal zones and do not impose restrictions in nutrition — you will not have to give up solid products.
  • Aesthetics: Visually indistinguishable from natural teeth and do not have an opaque frame. You can choose the most accurate shade and transparency for the dentition of a particular patient. The color does not change under the influence of dyes.
  • Comfort: Crowns are made on high-precision equipment, have an anatomical shape, provide a correct bite, excellent closing, comfort when chewing.
  • Security: Absolutely biocompatible, do not oxidize, do not cause allergies, irritation, so they are suitable for all patients.
  • Durability: With proper care, the crowns serve for more than 15 years, preserving the original properties and appearance. This is one of the best indicators among dentures.

Are there any disadvantages of E-max crowns?

The only known drawback is the price of the crown. Unfortunately, the “premium” E-max crown is much more expensive than other crowns.

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