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E-max in Turkey: What is it?

E-max in Turkey: What is it?

E-max in Turkey options are available for patients from all around the world. The biggest disadvantage of this application of the components. Because this metal content presents a bad aesthetic as time progresses. For this reason, this type of veneers can be recommended for older patients. Also, e-max can be used for patients who are allergic to metal. Zirconium veneers may be recommended for younger patients. This situation varies from patient to patient. Therefore, the first dental consultation to be obtained is very important.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of E-max in Turkey?

Due to the components of e-max, an artificial appearance occurs. Thus, it has another disadvantage when compared with other types of veneers. In addition, the structure of Emax porcelain is transparent and in a natural color. Thus, it can show when teeth darken easily. That is why it is not suggested to patients who seek for dental aesthetics.

On the other hand, compared to metal-containing coatings, the surface of emax porcelain is protected against stains and plaque formation.

With the development of dental technologies every stage from impression to tooth shape is available for dental health and dental aesthetics. That is why, it requires delicate work. So, it is most crucial for you to work with a clinic that you can trust and rely on.

Since no metal material is used, it is not preferred in the back grinder teeth.

Who is suitable for E-max Dental Treatment?

This procedure is preferred for visuality rather than decayed and broken teeth. Especially the rate of application on the front teeth is quite high. E-max porcelain is one of the most frequently used methods in deformed teeth and visual tooth arrays.

E-max application is not preferred in patients with long tooth loss. This is because; It is not suitable for long tooth cavity construction. Metal-containing coatings are preferred, especially since the back grinder teeth are based on strength. E-max is more suitable for the structure of the front incisors due to its structure. Visually, it is applied to the front and visible teeth in patients who have e-max due to aesthetic concerns.

What is the total cost of E-max?

The price is determined based on the characteristics that vary from patient to patient, such as the number of teeth to be operated, whether it will be a single application or not. That is why, you can fill in the form to get a custom dental plan that is all inclusive. For your any questions, you can contact CK Health Turkey directly via phone call or email.

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