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Facelift (Rhytidectomy): What It Is and What You Should Expect

Facelift (Rhytidectomy): What It Is and What You Should Expect

Although it varies depending on genetic factors, the effects of aging can be observed in everyone over time, and undoubtedly, this situation can be easily noticed on our faces. The flexibility of our skin and tissues gradually decreases as we get old, and as a result of this aging, sagging, wrinkles, or uneven skin tone on our faces start to appear. A facelift is a plastic surgery that improves the appearance of aging in the face and neck. This operation has grown simpler and safer in recent years. For those, those who are not sure how would they look after the facelift, It is possible to get an idea by looking at facelift before and after images.

What is Facelift?

The operation is intended to improve the appearance of sagging skin on the face and neck. Along with that, the aim is for the patient to have a natural and young face. However, of course, it does not stop aging but provides a long-term rejuvenation in the facial appearance. A facelift is usually applied to patients who are over the age of 40; however, it can also be performed at earlier ages, according to the patient. Basically, it is possible to say that patients who have symptoms of facial aging but still have some skin elasticity are the most suitable candidates for facelift surgery.

There are different types of facelift operations, such as Full Facelift, Mid Facelift, and Mini Facelift. In full facelift operations, the entire cheek area, jawline, and neck are stretched with an incision starting from the scalp area of the temple, continuing in front of the ear, and ending behind the ear. Furthermore, in mid-facelift operations, the sagging cheek area under the eyes is moved up. The fat in your cheek is repositioned, so the skin in your cheek area is tightened. And lastly, in a mini facelift, the operation focuses on lifting the lower face and neck area.

Facelift operations can be performed under general anesthesia in most cases and some cases with local anesthesia as well. The duration of the operation varies according to what will be done and also according to the patient. After the operation, it is generally recommended to stay under observation for 1-2 days after the surgery at the hospital. Since the scars of the facelift surgery are hidden in the scalp, in front of and behind the ear, the scars are usually not noticeable.

What You Should Expect

There may be swelling and bruising on the face, but this is entirely normal. Despite these, the early period after surgery usually passes on at ease, so the patients will be able to continue their daily life.

After the operation, it takes about a month for patients to notice the result after the operation entirely. It will be possible to see clearly the effect of facelift before and after the operation. Patients feel a lot younger and look younger; a more lively appearance is achieved.

As with other plastic surgeries, it is critical to choose an experienced and successful surgeon because a facelift is intended to give the patient a more natural appearance. Having unrealistic thoughts about the result will cause you disappointment. And it would be best if it is remembered that everyone has different skin, so the results change accordingly.

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