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Gastric Bypass Surgery – What are the risks?

Gastric Bypass Surgery – What are the risks?

Gastric Bypass Surgery takes place only all evaluations and consultations done the operation. This is because to identify patients who are at high-risk. Although all efforts have been made to prevent complications, gastric bypass is a major surgery and various complications may occur. Some of these complications are minor complications such as wound infection or temporary difficulty swallowing. More serious complications are bleeding, intestinal obstruction, pneumonia, leakage, ulcers and hernias leading to abscesses.

Deep vein thrombosis can happened and can cause serious problems that can result with premature death. Staple line leaks and leaks are also dangerous complications that may sometimes require a second surgery.

What can I do to reduce the complications before the operation?

There are many things you can do in advance to reduce the level of complications before the operation. At least 4 weeks before the surgery, you should quit smoking, do not consume alcohol, and fluid and drink at least 10% weight loss.

Do I have to quit smoking before the operation?

Healthcare professionals highly advise patients to quit smoking at least one month prior to their operation. The main reason for is that smoking increases the risk of lung problems and impairs healing after the operation. It increases the incidence of incision site hernias and leaks as it disrupts the blood flow to the healing tissue.

What should I expect when I wake up after the operation?

After your operation is finalized you will be taken to a recovery room, not directly to your room at the first stage. Here, while your values ​​such as breathing and blood pressure monitored, pain control will should also provided. Doctors and nurses will tell you to breathe deeply and make you sober up. You will proceed to your room in the service after completely sobered and undesired effects such as pain and nausea are under control.

While you are in the recovery room, your attendants will be informed. Sometimes the anesthesiologist may decide that the patient’s breathing and blood pressure is appropriate to be followed.

Will I have a lot of pain after Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Every effort will be made to keep you active after the surgery to relieve your pain, prevent unwanted complications and accelerate your recovery. The biggest advantage of laparoscopic surgery is that the pain is significantly less compared to open surgery. However, many measures will be taken to relieve your post-surgical pain.

Should I donate blood before the Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Generally, there is no significant bleeding in laparoscopic gastric bypass thus there is no need for routine blood supply before the operation. Sometimes unexpected bleeding may develop during surgery and blood transfusion may be required. Blood Transfusion usually provided in a recovery room or intensive care unit.

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