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Gastric Sleeve – Complications

Gastric Sleeve – Complications

The leak of the staple line, unnoticed stomach injury, and Spleen Injuries are some of the complications of gastric sleeve. You should consider all the risks and associated complications involved before having a gastric sleeve. Always remember to take health professionals’ advice to determine having a gastric sleeve would be most beneficial for you in terms of benefits and any possible risks associated. The risks involved with gastric sleeve listed with further details below for your perusal:

Leakage of Staple Line – Gastric Sleeve

Having a postoperative stomach is tested with a leak test. This test is generally executed with air or methylene blue liquid during and after the surgery to decrease the chance of leakage. If a leak is detected during surgery, it can be corrected with methods such as direct suturing. There is no scientific reason for why leakage occurs in the first place. However, for bleeding only stitches placed in that area can be used to correct it.

Stomach Injury

It is among the rarest cases that stomach injuries not noticed by the staples, tools used. If the inner thickness of the stomach punctured and not noticed, it can become a serious health issue.

A High Fat Liver can Block Vision During Surgery

It is a common condition with patients who have severely large and fatty liver. To prevent and lessen the possible negative effects of this, a pre-op diet can be followed by patients weeks in advance. However, despite that, an excessively large liver can make the surgery impossible and/or risky. If that is the case, the date of the operation should postponed to the near future for further weight loss before gastric sleeve surgery.

Intra-Abdominal Adhesions

Adhesions may occur due to previous abdominal surgeries in the past, diseases (endometriosis), or infections (PID). In this case, the camera and hand tools should secured in the abdomen. So that adhesions can removed until the normal anatomy of the stomach can be restored.


During gastric sleeve, bleeding that can be easily controlled may develop in more than one place. Bleeding from the small vessels between the spleen and stomach can be taken in un with the advanced electronic sealing devices we use. The surgeon should experienced laparoscopically in vascular suturing in large vascular patients.

Spleen Injuries

Spleen injuries can develop because of insufficient imaging with patients who have very high BMI, Treatment can be applied based on the level of the injury. Minor ones can be treated with an argon laser and various coagulating agents.

Liver Injury

Minor skin injuries may develop due to further retraction with advanced lubrication. However, an untreated injury can lead to serious levels of blood loss, infection, and even death.

Cardiovascular Issues

The pressure develops due to an underlying heart disease that has not been performed before surgery.

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