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How do you tell if implants has failed?

How do you tell if implants has failed?

There are a series of indications of failed implants. You can see them listed below. However, keep in mind that these do not stand with certainty. Thus, you should always be in constant communication with your dentist.

If you experience pain due to failed implants;

There is no such thing as too much pain. If you feel radiant pain throughout your jaw, you should inform your dentist.

If there is gum swelling;

It is normal to experience swelling in the gum. However, they should not be staying swollen. Also, it should not spread. If you see redness around the operated area, it may be an indication of an infection. You should see your dentist on the same day.

If you are experiencing trouble chewing;

The main goal of dental implant treatment is to provide one as functional as a natural one. Thus, you should not feel pain after your recovery when eating or chewing. Pain, in this context, can also be an indicator of a cavity in a natural tooth as well. If you do, it would be best for you to see your dentist.

Not stable implants;

After your dental implant treatment, your implants should have the same feeling as having a natural tooth. If you feel that the implant is not stable and it moves around, contact your dentist immediately.

As mentioned above, these are indicators of a failed implant. However, these are not for certain. Contact CK Health Turkey to get your dental implant.

How long after dental implants will I be able to eat normally?  

In the first week of post-op, you should consume soft foods. Easy to chew foods can help you recover smoothly. Under some circumstances, patients may be requested to prolong the week of restrictions into 2 weeks. Make sure to avoid chewing even with soft foods. So that the possible risks and complications can be avoided as much as possible.

At the same time, you should be highly attentive to your balanced food and nutrition intake. This is especially important for your bone healing.

Above, information is general. You should get consultation from your dentist for customized post – op information.

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