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Chin Augmentation – How it is performed?

Chin Augmentation – How it is performed?

Chin Augmentation surgery is an outpatient procedure. Which the patient can leave the hospital on the same day. In addition, your surgeon will perform your surgery under general anesthesia. Also, this procedure can last between 1-2 hours. Additionally, there are 2 existing options for your surgeon to choose from as follows:

1. The method of incision on the natural crease under the chin.

2. The method of incision inside the oral cavity.

Also, if you request, during your chin augmentation your surgeon can remove a small part of the bone as per your specifications. So, the size and shape can changes to look natural and attractive. On the other hand, your surgeon can move forward or backward to change the appearance of the chin. Also, with a small chin, fat injections

prosthetics, or by changing its position forward or backward can take place.

How is Implant placement in Chin Augmentation?

Additionally, in such operations silicone implants helps to elevate the chin. The technique of endoprosthesis with its own bone-cartilage structures is extremely rarely and has many disadvantages. Health professionals divides silicone endoprosthesis into two main groups:

* standard – require fitting and good fixation;

* individual – there is no need to customization,as they are the specifics of the face and the structure of the chin.

Also, your health professionals should make appropriate adjustments accordingly during the operation. With the help of a scalpel, the doctor models the surface that is adjacent to the bone structure, changes the size parameters of the implant, and can eliminate the irregularities of the bone surface.

Health professionals categorize implants into two categories as monolithic and perforated. Also, the second ones weigh less, and the patient’s own tissue grows through the perforations, which makes the fixation stronger. The dimensions of endoprostheses can be from 2 mm to several centimeters. After installation you can not feel or see the same. These are provided with a lifetime warranty.

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