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I have started to have some problems after I had my gastric bypass surgery, what should I do?

I have started to have some problems after I had my gastric bypass surgery, what should I do?

First step should be to contact your surgeon who performed your gastric bypass surgery. The main reason is that your surgeon knows your preoperative history and the details of your gastric bypass surgery. On the other hands, if it is not possible for you to continue to be in contact with your doctor due to lack of access, city change or other social problems, you can apply for follow-up and treatment with another surgeon.

What happens to the lower part of my stomach that is bypassed?

The lower part of the stomach is left in place without disturbing blood flow. In some cases, there is some reduction in the remaining stomach and its mucosa may atrophy. But most of the time it remains unchanged. Even if there is no food intake, the remaining stomach continues its secretory functions. Intake of vitamin B12 after gastric bypass surgery, and they also have effects on the endocrine hormonal balance and bowel movements.

How much stomach pouch will I have for long term after gastric bypass surgery?

It may vary depending on the surgical technique and the surgeon. In Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, a short, round pouch of approximately 15-20 cc is usually left. In mini gastric bypass, you will have a narrower and longer pouch. In the first months, this pouch will be smaller due to shrinkage due to healing. The stomach wall can be stretched 6-12 months after surgery and it becomes more flexible. For this reason, it is very important to follow the nutritional recommendations so that the pouch does not expand.

What will happen if I do not get hungry after my gastric bypass surgery?

It is completely normal to have very little appetite in the first month or two after your gastric bypass surgery. There should no problem after you get at least 1000 calories in a day. OF course,to get the most accurate information for yourself, you should consult with health professionals. Keep in mind that everyone has different metabolisms thus require customized nutrition plan is needed individually.

Are success rates different for men and women after having gastric bypass surgery?

Although the subject of response to surgery is the same, weight loss in men is slightly faster than in women. Even though the above idea is generally accepted can change patient by patient.

Will I be desperately hungry because I cannot eat enough after my gastric bypass surgery?

In general, patients have almost no appetite in between 4 to 6 weeks after your gastric bypass surgery. In the following months, appetite returns. But this is never the appetite you used to have before gastric bypass surgery. The small pouch causes a very early feeling of satiety. Thus, although the portion amount eaten is lessened, the feeling of hunger and insatiability is different than before. So that patients can still enjoy eating, with much less amount of food.

What if I am really starving after my gastric bypass surgery?

This is often related to the type of your food consumption. Often rice, pasta and potatoes can cause the feeling of starvation. Increasing your level of protein consumption. In addition, there may be a psychological problem associated with an eating disorder. You should consult with medical professionals to understand the real reason why you have a feeling of starvation. Remember that is the source of the issue is not well pointed, the problem cannot be solved. Also, you should also make sure that you do not mix the food with the liquid so that the food in your pouch does not wash out. If this is not followed, it can cause you to have stomach cramps.

Is intercourse prohibited after my gastric bypass surgery?

Patients can continue having intercourse after healing process is completely finalized.

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