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Inner Thigh Surgery in Turkey – FAQs

Inner Thigh Surgery in Turkey – FAQs

Inner thigh surgery in Turkey is one of the most popular choices among other types of plastic surgeries in Turkey by the patients from abroad. This blog will provide answers for some of the frequently asked questions about inner thigh surgery in Turkey. Should you have further questions on the same, you can contact CK Health Turkey.

Can I get rid of inner thigh fat with inner thigh surgery in Turkey?

Yes, thighplasty exists to remove the excess skin from the inner thigh. Excessive skin sag can occur due to a fast and excessive weight loss in a short term. It helps remove the fat at the same time. During this procedure, liposuction is also applied for the most optimum result.

Keep in mind that the amount of fat that can be removed can differ from one patient to another. Your doctor will do so without endangering your life. Thus, it can be stated that this type of surgery is not suitable for patients who are looking forward to losing weight.

It is highly important for you to be close to your ideal weight as much as possible. In order to keep the medically successful results of your surgery, you should not lose nor gain weight.

Is it painful?

There is no specific answer that can be given for this question. As the concept of experiencing pain after the surgery has variables. It can range from 0 – 10. Thus, it is impossible to predict the patient’s pain experience after the surgery.

There are 2 ways that you can reduce the level of your pain after the surgery. These are to prepare yourself physically and mentally.

First of all, you should ease your mind if you have any worries about the same. For that reason, you should contact highly experienced medical professionals to ask your related questions. Knowing the answers on the same, can help you ease your mind. Especially when you are preparing yourself for the post-op period. At the same time, you should ask for medical professional assistance to plan the whole process. It will keep you away from stress.

Second of all, you can prepare yourself physically for the post-op period. How? The foremost important matter is for you to follow your medical professional’s orders completely. This will help you to have a smooth recovery and can help with easing the pain.

Also, you have to use the prescribed medication as instructed. That way, you can have effective pain management. Which can help a lot.

Apart from the answer of this question, you should be highly attentive towards your healing process after your thigh lift. Post-op period is a highly sensitive subject especially when it is about leg lift. If you do not follow your doctor’s order for the post-op, you can prolong your healing and can cause further pain. Contact us for all details before your treatment with CK Health Turkey.

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