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Is getting Dental Implant Painful for me?

Is getting Dental Implant Painful for me?

There can be many variables involved when it comes to pain due to having a crowned tooth; such as misaligned dental crown, tooth fracture, infection or just simply because of having a dental implant surgery. You can find the details below on the same.

·        Pain experienced due to having dental implant surgery:

If you recently have received a new crown, do not panic due to mild sore or feeling of sensitivity on gums after dental implant surgery. It will take some time for A newly installed crown to completely settle in. But as long as you are experiencing only discomfort due to mild pain, there should be nothing to be alarmed about. You can take some painkillers as prescribed only to you to help with any toothaches you have in the following days.

·        Misaligned Dental Crown causing pain:

When you are going through after getting dental crowns, the surface of those teeth are modified. If your dental crown is positioned with an improper way, may result in experiencing when especially chewing when having a food intake. You should consider consulting with your dentist if the dental crown installed loose, you can understand the same once you feel pain when biting with newly provided dental crowns.

·        Pain caused by Tooth Fracture:

When you start to feel severe pain within your recently installed dental crowns, you can think that the possibility of the tooth being fractured causing the pain that you are experiencing after your dental procedure.

·       Grinding Teeth leads to pain:

Patients can unknowingly grind their teeth due to stress. It is another reason why you can feel discomfort after receiving a dental crown treatment. Teeth grinding can even cause pain without having dental implants. Teeth grinding can happen even during sleep. So, even if you are a person who does not have a history of grinding teeth should not be eliminated from the reasons why you experience pain after your dental implant surgery. Thus, do not grind your teeth, if necessary, your dentist can provide you with a mouthguard to prevent you from grinding your teeth.

·        Infected Tooth lead to experiencing pain:

Infected teeth can be one of many reasons why you suffer from having pain after your dental implant treatment. It is highly likely that someone with a crowned tooth who did not have a root canal treatment is more likely to have an infection under their crown. The reason is that these patients still have pulp, which would be the tissue hosting an infection and leading the patient to experience pain. But before you make any conclusions, consult your dentist about your experience.

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