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Lose Weight Fast – Why it is not safe?

Lose Weight Fast – Why it is not safe?

The concept of lose weight fast is very dangerous. Even, suffering from overweight, especially obesity, is one of the main enemies of health. It is necessary to get rid of excess weight, but to achieve this with a correct plan. Because if losing weight becomes a race this may impair your health. Thus, you can suffer from the consequences of serious health problems.

Studies around the world show that a healthy body will have difficulty tolerating a loss of more than 2-4 pounds per month. Many problems arise, especially if children and young people and the elderly lose weight quickly.

What is the danger awaits for Children and young people?

It is known that weight loss programs should focus on the right nutrition, fun and enjoyable activities. Rather than dieting in order to prevent hormonal problems, metabolic problems and psychological conflicts in programs.

There are very reliable study results showing that very rapid weight loss can lead to sexual hormonal imbalances, menstrual interruptions or interruptions, and slowdown in growth and development. It is also stated that putting children and adolescents under “obesity stress” can lead to psychological problems that can lead to Anorexia Nervosa or Bulimia.

What is the danger awaits for elderly people?

The rapid weight loss of the elderly also has dangerous consequences. Very serious health problems can occur. Especially in those with hypertension, diabetes, and heart failure. This is even more important for those at high risk of heart attack. In the family past, those who had a heart attack before the age of 60 for male relatives and 55 for female relatives should avoid such programs.

What is the general threat to the people of the world?

Rapid weight loss can also cause problems in healthy adults. There is always the possibility of encountering heart rhythm disorders and heart attacks. Which can result in sudden death when they are suddenly burdened with exercise to lose weight, especially in those who are overweight.

It was such a situation that happened to the late Selçuk Polat, who passed away following a tight forest walk on the second day of a weight loss cure he attended in Germany in the 2000s. Diabetic and overweight dear Selçuk Polat, who is still in his mid-40s, passed away on the second day of such an “aggravated exercise and diet camp” that he attended without informing anyone.

Causes of Death

Rapid weight loss is often accompanied by a condition known as “ketosis”. On the one hand, very low calories, on the other hand, very heavy exercises, especially when a high-protein diet is followed, can easily lead to ketosis. In the case of ketosis, especially heavy exercise means to invite a heart attack.

A major danger in rapid weight loss programs is the threat of hypoglycemia. It is known that low blood sugar can lead to serious neurological problems that can lead to coma in severe cases. It is always possible to encounter severe hypotension attacks if one is not paid attention while organizing the programs. Sudden drops in blood pressure can have very dangerous consequences.

In conclusion, you can contact CK Health Turkey if you are suffering from obesity or being overweight. So that you can lose weight in a healthy way with bariatric surgeries. Which can be the most beneficial option for you. Of course, this will be determined only after your consultation with CK Health Turkey. Remember, your health is one of the most important concept in your life.

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