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Mommy Makeover: What to know?

Mommy Makeover: What to know?

In some cases, women prefer to have a mommy makeover after birth. Do you know what kind of changes occur in the female body during this process? The most obvious changes seen in the female body in the postpartum and breastfeeding period.

We can list these changes as sagging skin due to the discharge experienced in the breast tissue, crack formation in the postpartum region. Maternity aesthetic operations performed to correct these changes in the body.

Mommy makeover, in some cases mini tummy tuck, and in some cases with full tummy tuck applications, are the operations that are performed. It is to restore its former volume and breast lift operations. In this respect, we can say that maternity aesthetic operations consist of combined operations and this blog is here to provide you general information on the same subject.

Why is the this procedure so popular?

Maternity aesthetics performed to eliminate the undesired effects in the mother’s body after birth and breastfeeding. As the body structure of every woman is different, the deformations and changes that may occur in the body of every mother after giving birth are also different from each other.

For this reason, maternity aesthetic operations are performed with the aim of eliminating deformations and reshaping your body with special procedures for your body.

What should I be careful of after my Mommy Makeover?

The patient can experience mild pain and swelling in the next 2 weeks. For this reason, it is necessary to eat healthy and be less active in terms of movement. It is crucial to not lifting any weights for at least 6 months, including the baby.

In addition, some painkillers may be requested by your doctor to reduce pain. In order to maintain the results of maternity aesthetics long term, it is important to create an appropriate exercise program and sports routine. Also, remember to consult with your health professionals to find out what works for you the best.

In conclusion, you know the general information on mommy makeover. Also, should you need further information on the same, you can contact CK Health Turkey.

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