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Mommy Makeover with CK Health Turkey

Mommy Makeover with CK Health Turkey

CK Health Turkey offers a wide range of medical treatments as ‘’All Inclusive VIP Healthcare Package’’ that are safe, reliable and affordable. Mommy makeover is one of them. In order to find out of your suitability and get your customized package details and pricing, contact CK Health Turkey.

Am I suitable for Mommy Makeover?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about Mommy Makeover. Also, this will depend on series of variables such as below:

  • Breast Deflation;
  • Tummy laxity due to pregnancy
  • Low skin quality caused by pregnancy.

What does the operation include (in general)?

  • Tummy Tuck
  • Breast Augmentation (performed with prosthesis)
  • Breast Lift (can be performed with or without prosthesis)

your eligibility along with all inclusive package and details, contact CK Health Turkey.

Tummy Tuck operation’s goal is to help patients to have a tight tummy. Also, which has been known as abdominal aesthetics in the medical literature for many years. It covers all the interventions for the recovery of the sagging around the abdomen and belly.

This sagging can especially occur during pregnancy and postpartum period. Also, without pregnancy, gravity, aging and skin quality of the person affect skin elasticity. In addition, tummy tuck is performed with liposuction for optimized results. Follow this link to find more about liposuction here.

Breast Augmentation:

It is performed for patients to gain volume for breasts. Also, the reason of this surgery may vary. Such as, disproportionate to the body, shrinking due to age, postpartum, developmental reasons, in sudden weight gain and loss.

While determining the implant to be used to enlarge the breast, the breast structure of the patient, the shape of the rib cage, weight and body proportions taken into account. Moreover, to determine the physiological limit, the patient and the doctor decide on the shape and size of the implant.

During the operation, the implant tested for evaluation and the application that gives the best result applied.

Breast Lift:

As mentioned previously, there are many reasons for the loss of elastic structure of the body. These can listed as:

In addition, the proper measurement made by making a vertical incision around the nipple of the patient. Also, breast lift performed with the prosthesis placed under the breast.

In conclusion, there are many patients who may need to have mommy makeover after their pregnancy. Also, in general, mommy makeover include breast surgeries and tummy tuck. To be able to find out

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