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Neck Lift Turkey – What’s Important to Know?

Neck Lift Turkey – What’s Important to Know?

Neck Lift in Turkey can provide the best option for patients who need it. Skin around the neck is very thin. Also, under the neck skin, there is a thin layer of subcutaneous adipose tissue that also contributes towards neck sagging over time. The subcutaneous fat tissue layer may exceptionally thicken under the chin. Under the skin of the neck is a thin, curtain-shaped muscle.

Why do I need for Neck Lift Surgery in Turkey?

Below, you will find the most common reasons why patients need neck lift surgery. These are:

  • Sagging of the neck skin;
  • Loosening of the platysma muscle in the neck;
  • Excessive Growth in the neck subcutaneous fat pads;
  • Extensive sagging salivary glands.

In the advanced stages of facial aging, the soft tissues on both sides of the face sag. Afterwards, they start to accumulate under the chin. The loss of the jaw line and neck transition make the person look older and tired. When patients undergo the surgery, they can observe that the neck sagging is lessened. Keep in mind that the results of the surgery are long term but not permanent.

Am I suitable for this surgery?

Neck lift surgery can be suitable for individuals whose aging in the neck area shows the person ahead of the age than they actually are. It is preferred that people who are candidates for neck lift aesthetics are healthy, non-smoking individuals with realistic expectations.

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