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Orthodontic Mini Implants: What to Know?

Orthodontic Mini Implants: What to Know?

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1 Application of Mini Implants

1.1 Areas of Application

Mini implants are used to support and assist teeth in orthodontic dental disorders. These types of implants are mostly used in implantology and orthodontic treatments.

Especially in recent years, mini implants are preferred more in the treatment of orthodontic diseases. Orthodontic interventions supported by structures such as palette or palate while providing dental movement. Mini implants are placed directly on the jawbone and support is taken from the jawbone.

One of the cases where this method used most in the gums that appear more than they should be. While laughing in the front teeth and sag downward and disrupt the aesthetic appearance. These patients feel uncomfortable due to the gums that appear too much while smiling. To prevent this, the front teeth buried upwards so that the appearance of the gums corrected.

Most people know mini implants, mini screws, as an orthodontic treatment procedure. However, this is not a treatment method, but only equipment that helps and facilitates treatment. Mini screws used with lingual orthodontics, classical metal and aesthetic bracket treatments. Mini screws play a functional role in orthodontic treatments.

Application of Mini Implants

First, the screw thread screwed to the problematic areas at the right angle without surgical operation. In the meantime, the head part of this screw thread left out. But not completely embedded in the bone. Then, the tooth to corrected in orthodontic sense attached to the implant with the help of a rubber or spring. In this way, the tooth, which cannot corrected by traditional methods, drawn in the desired direction very strongly.

Areas of Application

You can have this method on teeth that desired to removed or bury. In which direction on teeth that inclined. The advantage of the procedure is that the orthodontic implants attached to the jawbone. Which supported more easily. Also, the problem eliminated in a healthy way and the treatment time is short

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