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Post-op breast reduction surgery

Post-op breast reduction surgery

Make sure to have a rest for at least 3 days after your breast reduction surgery. Also, be sure to use your prescribed medications regularly as instructed. This will help you with your recovery process.

Do not lift weights for at least 4 weeks after surgery. Also, avoid pushing while your recovery continues. This is due to the removal of heavy objects causing tension in the arms and chest muscles. This can create a risk of bleeding and infection inside the chest.

For a month, you should use the special compression garment that our healthcare professional will recommend to you to use on a regular basis. This special compression garment both reduces pain and helps shape the chest.

After the operation, there will be edema and swelling in the breast tissue. Edema begins to decrease rapidly within 3 – 4 weeks. It can take approximately 6 – 12 months for the breasts to take their final form. During this time, it is normal to experience slight discomfort, such as stinging or burning from time to time.

Since the healing process varies from patient to patient, contact one of our healthcare professionals for more information.

Further information on post-op breast reduction surgery

  • Sports: You should not exercise heavily for at least 2 months after breast reduction surgery. After a month, you can start exercising in the form of light walking. You may start your exercises after approval from your surgeon.
  • Sexual Intercourse: Approximately after 2 weeks, you may continue with your sexual activities.
  • Alcohol and Smoking: Avoid drinking and smoking for 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after surgery. Smoking impairs wound healing by narrowing vessels, tissue nutrition, cell destruction, cell death, wound dehiscence, stitch opening, and inflammation.
  • Driving: You can start driving 2 weeks after surgery. Thus, it removes unnecessary pressure that may occur through your seatbelt and prevents straining your chest muscles while driving.

Your nutrition intake habits are critical especially after your breast reduction surgery as in any other plastic surgery. Weight gain or weight loss after the surgery adversely affects the results of your medically successful plastic surgery operation.

After the surgery, it is very important to have a balanced diet in terms of vitamins, minerals, and protein. A balanced diet will help you to recover from fatigue and any other similar complaints that may occur after surgery in a short time.

After the surgery, sagging may occur in the breasts over time due to the effects of gravity and aging.

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