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Postoperative Process -Gastric Balloon Treatment

Postoperative Process -Gastric Balloon Treatment

What is the risk of endoscopy during my gastric balloon treatment?

With Gastric Balloon treatment, the risks and complications associated with endoscopy are considerably low in Gastric Balloon treatment. The risk of any complications is much lower than 1%. And the risk of major complications is much lower than 0.1%.

What is the follow up procedure after my gastric balloon surgery?

Follow-up program after your surgery imperative for the success of the operation. After your surgery, once of every month, you should consult with your medical professionals, for your weight management through your nutrition plan and exercises. During this time, your health professionals will evaluate your progress and you will learn basic information about health, nutrition and exercise so that you can have long term results.

Once the gastric balloon is removed, will I gain weight again?

Regrettably, there is always a chance to gain weight after the removal of the balloon. Weight gain may can occur in case of unhealthy eating habits and abandonment of regular exercise. However, when you gain healthy nutritional habits gained after gastric balloon surgery and continue exercises regularly, the success rate of gastric balloon surgery becomes higher. Most patients can maintain or continue to lose weight for up to 5 years, unless they return to unhealthy eating habits and stop doing exercises regularly.

Can I travel once the balloon is placed after my surgery?

Yes, you can travel once the balloon is placed after surgery. Gastric balloon surgery has no obstacle for travelling.

Does the operation affect medication usage?

The operation may lead medications to show their affect later than expected. Also it may slow digestion of food when in the stomach. But keep in mind that these do not pose any issues in terms of the effectiveness of drugs thus the amount of medication intake should not be increased due to having the balloon.

The side effects you may experience of drugs to be used while the gastric balloon is attached should be considered. You should also avoid the medications that can cause stomach ulcers and bleeding.

How should my nutrition intake after surgery?

Once you have a gastric balloon treatment with CK Health Turkey Medical Center in Antalya. Your nutritionist will be provide you with a guideline along with a nutrition plan. For general information on nutrition intake after your bariatric surgery, you can visit CK Health Turkey’s official website.

Is it necessary to diet after my gastric balloon surgery?

Yes, it is necessary to diet after your gastric balloon surgery to achieve your ideal weight and have longer term results. Although satiety is achievable in a shorter time with the balloon, the calorie content of your meals is important. In the meantime, you need to follow a diet restricted in calories. Health professionals will accompany you that is suitable for your lifestyle. You are learning more about the right nutrition and its amount and make it a habit through your nutrition plan. This way you are making a healthy lifestyle a habit. It is also the most essential to keep this habit for life for long term results.

Can I have alcohol after my operation?

Alcohol increases the risk of Reflux esophagitis after your surgery. Even after your surgeon will remove the gastric balloon, you still should avoid alcohol. As alcohol consumption slows down your weight loss process because of its high calorie content and causes harms to your body.

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